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GitHub Actions could be so much better writes this post, and I agree. Though frankly so could "Slack’s terrible redesign," "American candy," and "we ourselves."

Yes, he works at Confluent, okay–but the point that Jack Vanlightly makes in on the future of cloud services and BYOC absolutely passes the "is this person saying something because it benefits their employer" sniff test.

A dive into what feels like a topic from yesteryear, optimizing lambda coldstarts .

I’d be happier about AWS’s plan to charge for IPv4 if their own services freaking supported IPv6-only stacks more thoroughly; when AWS Itself Cannot Escape IPv4, what hope have the rest of us?

A look into the Simple, Yet Effective Cost Optimization Framework that we use at The Duckbill Group to help customers with their AWS spend.

I had a guest post go up last week: Overhauling AWS Account Access with Terraform.

The Register points out that Generative AI is not a significant chunk of cloud spending • The Register, and from what I’ve seen in my customer base they’re absolutely correct, with the exception of the companies (think Amazon, OpenAI, Azure, Google, etc.) training their own LLMs–some of which have price tags for the training runs that feature three commas.

A new AWS carbon footprint tool is deeply limited says an official in the UK government, and they’re not wrong.


Last Week In AWS: Cheating on your CI Tests

Last Week In AWS: VirtuSwap’s Giant Panda Accelerato

Screaming in the Cloud: How AWS Educates Learners on Cloud Computing with Valerie Singer

Screaming in the Cloud: Using Empathy to Solve Customer Challenges with David Colebatch

Choice Cuts

Amazon Chime adds Waiting Room capability to further secure your meetings – Oh good, the Chime interface that just got really complex is about to become even more so.

Amazon CloudFront announces security recommendations – Is it "use CloudFlare?" Because otherwise you’ve gotta build an awful lot that CloudFlare gives you for free out of AWS service popsicle sticks…

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) supports in-place major version upgrade – Ooh, you can upgrade Amazon Basics MongoDB to MongoDB Atlas? Sign me up!

Amazon EC2 Serial Console now available in additional AWS Regions – I could have sworn that this didn’t work for Graviton based instances for a while, but I can’t find anything to that effect–so I’ve gotta conclude that my mind is once again playing tricks on me. Good work, AWS. You’ve gaslit me into doubting myself constantly.

AWS Application Composer now supports all 1000+ AWS CloudFormation resources – Yes yes, good job Application Composer–the real news here is just how many freaking resources CloudFormation knows about…

DynamoDB global tables is now available in all AWS Regions – Oh they is, is they? Finally, some truth in labeling.

Announcing incremental export to S3 for Amazon DynamoDB – Oh hell yes; this is going to dramatically change how I back a couple of things up–for the better. This is a significant boon to the service.

Amazon Bedrock Is Now Generally Available – Build and Scale Generative AI Applications with Foundation Models – Oh, it wasn’t already? Sure have been a lot of customers using the "preview" in production if AWS marketing is to be believed…

How to import existing resources into AWS CDK Stacks – This is a very well written post that takes you through the process of doing what it says on the tin. That said, look at how many steps there are and how much manual WORK there is to pull it off. As a result, the only time people will do something like this is when that resource is freaking IMPORTANT and can’t be recreated or moved. That’s a condemnation of the CloudFormation / CDK view of the world, incidentally–not this post.

Introducing dual-stack and IPv6-only support for Amazon Route 53 Resolver Endpoints – If you’re on an AWS service team, and your service doesn’t support these two things, get back to work please; this is becoming increasingly critical as the ipv4 pricing change draws closer.


I recently discovered rain, a development workflow tool for working with AWS CloudFormation. I like it!

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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