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Sometimes, the best things in life are free. Enjoy these free cost optimization resources, courtesy of The Duckbill Group and Last Week in AWS.

Billie Reading

Devreloping: The Duckbill Guide on Marketing To Developers

Looking for top-of-funnel activities to put your brand, product, and—most importantly—ideas in front of your technical audience?

In Devreloping: The Duckbill Guide on Marketing to Developers, you’ll learn how you and your organization can better reach developers with your product in a way that makes developers interested and engaged, not skeptical or annoyed.

You’ll benefit from insights we’ve learned running two popular cloud podcasts aimed at technical people and our email newsletter which reaches over 20,000 engineers, managers, and others, including :

  • The best way to endear yourself to a developer (hint: be of genuine help!)
  • Why your audience isn’t ‘any developer anywhere’ (and who you should be targeting instead)
  • How sponsorship is more ‘targeted publicity’ instead of ‘direct-response marketing’ and how frequency helps create awareness, developer champions, and leads

Last Updated December 2020

Lower Your AWS Bill

AWS Cost Optimization

  • Lower your AWS bill with our 100% Money-Back Guaranteed cost optimization services
  • Keep Engineering on-task.
  • Take action sooner rather than later.

Did we mention we literally guarantee we’ll find places you can save?

AWS Contract Negotiation

  • Stop paying retail prices on AWS
  • Identify what a great deal looks like (for finance and engineering)
  • Have us liaise, advocate, and negotiate with Amazon on your behalf

We’ll get right to the heart of what you want from your partnership with AWS.