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Honeycomb on Observability as Developer Self-Care with Brooke Sargent

Screaming in the Cloud
33 Minutes
Brooke Sargent, Software Engineer at Honeycomb, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss how she fell into the world of observability by adopting Honeycomb. Brooke explains how observability was new to her in her former role, but she quickly found it to enable faster learning and even a form of self care for herself as a developer. Corey and Brooke discuss the differences of working at a large company where observability is a new idea, versus an observability company like Honeycomb. Brooke also reveals the importance of helping people reach a personal understanding of what observability can do for them when trying to introduce it to a company for the first time. 

Remote Versus Local Development with Mike Brevoort

Screaming in the Cloud
37 Minutes
Mike Brevoort, Chief Product Officer at Gitpod, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss all the intricacies of remote development and how Gitpod is simplifying the process. Mike explains why he feels the infinite resources cloud provides can be overlooked when discussing remote versus local development environments, and how simplifying build abstractions is a fantastic goal, but that focusing on the tools you use in a build abstraction in the meantime can be valuable. Corey and Mike also dive into the security concerns that come with remote development, and Mike reveals the upcoming plans for Gitpod’s local conference environment, CDE Universe. 

Authenticity in Tech Journalism with Tom Krazit

Screaming in the Cloud
29 Minutes
Tom Krazit, Editor in Chief at Runtime, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss what it’s like being a journalist in tech. Corey and Tom discuss how important it is to find your voice as a media personality, and Tom explains why he feels one should never compromise their voice for sponsor approval. Tom reveals how he’s covering tech news at his new publication, Runtime, and how he got his break in the tech journalism industry. Tom also talks about why he decided to build his own publication rather than seek out a corporate job, the value of digging deeper for stories, and why he feels it’s so valuable to be able to articulate the issues engineers care about in simple terms.

Simplifying Cloud Migration Strategy at Tidal with David Colebatch

Screaming in the Cloud
33 Minutes
David Colebatch, CEO at, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss how Tidal is demystifying cloud migration strategy. David and Corey discuss the pros and cons of a hybrid cloud migration strategy, and David reveals the approach that Tidal takes to ensure they’re setting their customers up for success. David also discusses the human element to cloud migration initiatives, and how to overcome roadblocks when handling the people side of migrations. Corey and David also expand on all the capabilities cloud migration unlocks, and David explains how that translates to a distributed product team approach.

Doing What You Love in Cloud with Nate Avery

Screaming in the Cloud
33 Minutes
Nate Avery, Outbound Product Manager at Google, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss what it’s like working in the world of tech, including the implications of AI technology on the workforce and the importance of doing what you love. Nate explains why he feels human ingenuity is so important in the age of AI, as well as why he feels AI will make humans better at the things they do. Nate and Corey also discuss the changing landscape of tech and development jobs, and why it’s important to help others throughout your career while doing something you love. 

Cutting Costs in Cloud with Everett Berry

Screaming in the Cloud
32 Minutes
Everett Berry, Growth and Open Source at Vantage, joins Corey at Screaming in the Cloud to discuss the complex world of cloud costs. Everett describes how Vantage takes a broad approach to understanding and cutting cloud costs across a number of different providers, and reveals which providers he feels generate large costs quickly. Everett also explains some of his best practices for cutting costs on cloud providers, and explores what he feels the impact of AI will be on cloud providers. Corey and Everett also discuss the pros and cons of AWS savings plans, why AWS can’t be counted out when it comes to AI, and why there seems to be such a delay in upgrading instances despite the cost savings.

Operating in the Kubernetes Cloud on Amazon EKS with Eswar Bala

Screaming in the Cloud
34 Minutes
Eswar Bala, Director of Amazon EKS at AWS, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss how and why AWS built a Kubernetes solution, and what customers are looking for out of Amazon EKS. Eswar reveals the concerns he sees from customers about the cost of Kubernetes, as well as the reasons customers adopt EKS over ECS. Eswar gives his reasoning on why he feels Kubernetes is here to stay and not just hype, as well as how AWS is working to reduce the complexity of Kubernetes. Corey and Eswar also explore the competitive landscape of Amazon EKS, and the new product offering from Amazon called Karpenter.

Learning eBPF with Liz Rice

Screaming in the Cloud
34 Minutes
Liz Rice, Chief Open Source Officer at Isovalent, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss the release of her newest book, Learning eBPF, and the exciting possibilities that come with eBPF technology. Liz explains what got her so excited about eBPF technology, and what it was like to write a book while also holding a full-time job. Corey and Liz also explore the learning curve that comes with kernel programming, and Liz illustrates why it’s so important to be able to explain complex technologies in simple terminology.

CloudDev for Retail Companies with John Mille

Screaming in the Cloud
31 Minutes
John Mille, Principal Cloud Engineer at Sainsbury's UK joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss how retail companies are using cloud services. John describes the lessons he’s learned since joining the Sainsbury’s UK team, including why it’s important to share knowledge across your team if you don’t want to be on call 24/7,  as well as why he doesn’t subscribe to the idea that every developer needs access to production. Corey and John also discuss an open-source project John created called ECS Compose-X.

Sysdig and Solving for Strategic Challenges in Cybersecurity with Michael Isbitski

Screaming in the Cloud
34 Minutes
Michael Isbitski, Director of Cybersecurity Strategy at Sysdig, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss the nuances of an effective cybersecurity strategy. Michael explains that many companies are caught between creating a strategy that’s truly secure and one that’s merely compliant and within the bounds of cost-effectiveness, and what can be done to help balance the two aims more effectively. Corey and Michael also explore what it means to hire for transferrable skills in the realm of cybersecurity and tech, and Michael reveals that while there’s no such thing as a silver-bullet solution for cybersecurity, Sysdig can help bridge many gaps in a company’s strategy. 

Fixing What’s Broken in Monitoring and Observability with Jean Yang

Screaming in the Cloud
36 Minutes
Jean Yang, CEO of Akita Software, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss how she went from academia to tech founder, and what her company is doing to improve monitoring and observability. Jean explains why Akita is different from other observability & monitoring solutions, and how it bridges the gap from what people know they should be doing and what they actually do in practice. Corey and Jean explore why the monitoring and observability space has been so broken, and why it’s important for people to see monitoring as a chore and not a hobby. Jean also reveals how she took a leap from being an academic professor to founding a tech start-up. 

Hacking Old Hardware and Developer Advocate Presentations with Darko Mesaroš

Screaming in the Cloud
28 Minutes
Darko Mesaroš, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss all the weird and wonderful things that can be done with old hardware, as well as the necessary skills for being a successful Developer Advocate. Darko walks through how he managed to deploy Kubernetes on a computer from 1986, as well as the trade-offs we’ve made in computer technology as hardware has progressed. Corey and Darko also explore the forgotten art of optimizing when you’re developing, and how it can help to cut costs. Darko also shares what he feels is the key skill every Developer Advocate needs to have, and walks through how he has structured his presentations to ensure he is captivating and delivering value to his audience.