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Every week, listen to host Corey Quinn interview domain experts in the world of Cloud Computing to discuss AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and how businesses are coming to think about the Cloud.

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The Art and Science of Database Innovation with Andi Gutmans

Screaming in the Cloud
37 Minutes
Andi Gutmans, General Manager and Vice President, Engineering at Google, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss all things database innovation at Google Cloud. Andi explains why significant surges of customers are switching from legacy proprietary databases to open APIs, and how Google is taking a pragmatic approach to understanding the main characteristics of the workloads their customers need to address and building the best services around those. Andi also reveals his thoughts on the worst and best database options, as well as how developers can future-proof their development by starting small without having to reengineer and reprovision as their projects scale.

Security for Speed and Scale with Ashish Rajan

Screaming in the Cloud
35 Minutes
Ashish Rajan, Principal Cloud Security Advocate at Snyk, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss the intricacies of cloud security and providing unbiased formal education in the world of cloud. Ashish discusses how he went from CISO to his current role where he spends all his time democratizing cloud security, as well as how cloud has opened up more opportunities for newcomers to break into cybersecurity careers. Ashish clarifies what he feels is misinformation around breaking into the cybersecurity space, explains the importance of having security guardrails in place so you can go faster towards your organization’s goals, and expands on the limitations of trust found in cloud providers today and why it’s so critical.

Snyk and the Complex World of Vulnerability Intelligence with Clinton Herget

Screaming in the Cloud
39 Minutes
Clinton Herget, Field CTO at Snyk, joins Corey to discuss Snyk Cloud, a cloud security solution that allows developers to get full visibility into the complexity of their cloud environment and mitigate deployment risks. Clinton dives into how Snyk’s vulnerability intelligence is designed to do more than just scan for code errors, but to also look for vulnerabilities in how different platforms communicate with each other to give a better picture of potential deployment and security risks. Clinton also reveals how he went from building software for a living to talking about building software, which is much easier, and how his 20 years of development experience allows him to have tremendous empathy for the developer community Snyk aims to help.

The Non-Magical Approach to Cloud-Based Development with Chen Goldberg

Screaming in the Cloud
40 Minutes
Chen Goldberg, GM & VP, Engineering at Google Cloud, joins Corey to discuss her approach to container-based development and her hopes for the future of this technology. Chen explains why she doesn’t want magic or black boxes running the code at Google, as well as how she views Google’s role in enabling its customers to innovate. She also reveals her approach to effectively scaling teams, building a positive and sustainable team culture, and the opportunities that are available to anyone who chooses to join the open-source community of Kubernetes.

The Quest to Make Edge Computing a Reality with Andy Champagne

Screaming in the Cloud
47 Minutes
Andy Champagne, SVP & CTO at Akamai, joins Corey to discuss his 22-year tenure at Akamai and how he and the team there are on a quest to make edge computing a reality. Andy discusses how as part of that quest, the Akamai Ventures Program has partnered with Macrometa and how the two companies work together while still remaining separate entities. Andy also reveals why Akamai acquired Linode, Akamai’s history in the security space, and his thoughts on how to get pricing conventions right.

A Cloud Economist is Born – The AlterNAT Origin Story

Screaming in the Cloud
35 Minutes
Ben Whaley, Staff Software Engineer at Chime Financial, joins Corey to discuss his new solution AlterNAT which is designed to solve for egregious NAT Gateway costs. Ben explains how he was inspired to create AlterNAT by searching for the biggest impact he could have on his company’s AWS bill, how he combined legacy NAT Instances with an automatic standby NAT Gateway to solve for reliability concerns, and describes his own journey to becoming a fellow cloud economist in Corey’s eyes. Ben also reveals why he’d consider his project a success even if it became irrelevant.

How To Effectively Manage Your Co-Founder with Mike Julian

Screaming in the Cloud
32 Minutes
Mike Julian, CEO and Co-Founder of The Duckbill Group, joins Corey to discuss his surprisingly subtle yet effective management strategy for working with Corey and enabling him to do his best work. Corey and Mike reveal their unusual 50/50 partnership agreement and how that has lead to their success as co-founders, as well as the complexities of managing those who work differently than us. Mike also uncovers the biggest surprises he’s encountered as a first-time manager and the lessons he’s learned that allowed him to manage Corey in such a personalized way that it wasn’t even noticed for four years.

Computing on the Edge with Macrometa’s Chetan Venkatesh

Screaming in the Cloud
40 Minutes
Chetan Venkatesh, CEO and Co-Founder of Macrometa, joins Corey to discuss the seemingly magical capabilities of edge computing and how Macrometa is flipping cloud computing on its head by focusing on localization rather than centralization. Chetan describes his 20-year journey up the spiral staircase of edge computing, and then reveals the three problems with edge currently and how Macrometa is working to solve for those and other problems such as the carbon footprint of cloud computing. Chetan also announces an exciting event coming up - Macrometa’s Developer Week.

The Infinite Possibilities of Amazon S3 with Kevin Miller

Screaming in the Cloud
33 Minutes
Kevin Miller, General Manager of Amazon S3, joins Corey to discuss the hard work and technical magic that has gone into S3’s evolution and the charity t-shirt fundraiser Corey is running featuring S3 as the eighth wonder of the world. Kevin explains the vital role testing plays in keeping S3 running and evolving successfully, and the astronomical number of states they must be ready to face at any given time. Kevin also reveals the benefits of Intelligent Tiering, his thoughts on using S3 as a database, and what really excites him about the transformations that are happening as a result of his work at S3.

The Man Behind the Curtain at Zoph with Victor Grenu

Screaming in the Cloud
28 Minutes
Victor Grenu, Independent AWS Architect at Zoph, joins Corey to discuss his army of helpful Twitter bots and his multiple entrepreneurial endeavors. Victor explains why and how he created Twitter bots worth turning on your notifications for, how he enjoys being an independent AWS consultant, as well as the unique advantages he experiences being based in Paris. Victor also reveals his foray into the world of creating a SaaS startup, and his small bets approach to create something simple and useful.

Consulting the Aspiring Consultant with Mike Julian

Screaming in the Cloud
31 Minutes
Mike Julian, CEO and Co-Founder of The Duckbill Group, joins Corey to discuss their evolving venture into the world of consulting and what he’s learned along the way. Mike discusses the new book he’s writing to help aspiring consultants launch their second career, as well as the mistakes he’s made in his own career and how he’s learned from them. Mike reveals the challenges of scaling from being an independent consultant to managing an entire consulting firm, and provides insight into what new consultants don’t know they don’t know when going into business for themselves.

The Evolution of Cloud Services with Richard Hartmann

Screaming in the Cloud
45 Minutes
Richard Hartmann, Director of Community at Grafana Labs, joins Corey to discuss the evolution of cloud services and the infrastructure behind them. Whether it’s how monitoring became observability, or how predicting server breakdowns at scale has become more of a science than simply grunting and pointing, Richard provides a balanced perspective on what users actually want and why they want it. Richard also reveals how pricing impacts community-building efforts, creating psychological safety for your users to promote long-term adoption, and why not optimizing your data makes about as much sense as storing 10,000 copies of Lord of the Rings in your living room.