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The Art of Effective Incident Response with Emily Ruppe

Screaming in the Cloud
34 Minutes
Emily Ruppe, Solutions Engineer at, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss the best practices she’s discovered for effectively handling incident responses. Emily explains how she fell into incident response and why it suits her mindset, as well as the different ways she’s seen organizations handle incident response and what seems to be most effective. Emily describes how she managed to not only survive but thrive through an acquisition, why blameless root causes analysis is well intentioned but misses finer points for learning, and what she has most enjoyed about working at

Saving the World though Cloud Sustainability with Aerin Booth

Screaming in the Cloud
36 Minutes
Aerin Booth, Founder of Cloud Sustainably, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss how they were inspired to pursue a career in cloud sustainability, and the cloud sustainability conference they’re launching this year called The State of Open. In this conversation Aerin highlights the importance of creating boundaries in the cloud to promote innovation and efficiency, drawing interesting parallels between early video games and the current state of cloud. Corey and Aerin discuss the importance and shortcomings of AWS’s focus on sustainability, and Aerin reinforces the importance of doing work that you enjoy and makes a positive difference in the world.

Solving for Cloud Security at Scale with Chris Farris

Screaming in the Cloud
36 Minutes
Chris Farris, Cloud Security Nerd at Turbot, joins Corey to discuss how he wound up in the world of DevRel at Turbot and what he sees for the future of multi-cloud security practitioners. Chris explains that while 90% of what he works on revolves around AWS, it’s important to close the gap on learning the other cloud providers because they make up more than 10% of his risk. He also reveals his major concerns about Azure, the potential of a return to on-prem for sovereign data reasons, and Oracle’s interesting approach to entering the cloud development arena.

Becoming a Rural Remote Worker with Chris Vermilion

Screaming in the Cloud
33 Minutes
Chris Vermilion, Senior Software Developer at Remix Labs, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss how he went from working in academia to being a remote software developer based in Maine. Chris describes the start-up ouroboros he observed and how he’s seeing many start-ups shift to solving broader problems, as well as the benefits he’s found to creating communities through Slack and annual conferences. Chris also explains why he left particle physics to live in Maine as a software developer, and the pros and cons to both lifestyles.

Defining and Nurturing a Self-Supporting Community with Alyss Noland

Screaming in the Cloud
34 Minutes
Alyss Noland, Head of DevRel^2 and PMM at Common Room, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss the value of community and best practices around scaling that value in the world of DevRel. Corey and Alyss discuss how DevRel is still a relatively new position, and how to show the true value of the DelRel position to other stakeholders in the company, as well as how to be a valuable asset to the developers in your community. Alyss shares best practices around understanding your customers’ needs, creating and nurturing a self-supporting community, and which metrics and activities have the most impact.

The Return of re:Invent with Pete Cheslock

Screaming in the Cloud
42 Minutes
Pete Cheslock, Head of Growth and Community at AppMap, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud for their annual time-honored tradition of reflecting on and recapping re:Invent. Corey and Pete discuss how the conference has scaled since its inception and the changes they’ve seen as a result. Pete highlights the importance of storytelling throughout product launches, as well as the costs of sponsoring re:Invent and how this year was different in the Expo Hall. Pete and Corey also discuss how 2022’s conference seemed to neglect the most valuable part of re:Invent - creating opportunities and spaces for people to work and socialize together.

Exposing Vulnerabilities in the World of Cloud Security with Tim Gonda

Screaming in the Cloud
33 Minutes
Tim Gonda, Technical Director of Cloud at Praetorian, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss the complexities of exposing vulnerabilities in the world of cloud security. How does large amounts of technical debt impact vulnerabilities? When you’ve found a vulnerability, how do you let the affected company know in a way that will ensure they prioritize and address it? And why is it that when something happens, it’s (seemingly) always cloud security? Tim answers all these questions and more in this episode of Screaming in the Cloud.

Life of a Fellow Niche Internet Micro Celebrity with Matt Margolis

Screaming in the Cloud
37 Minutes
Matt Margolis, Head of Community at Lawtrades, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss the life of a professional shitposter. Matt, who Corey discovered on TikTok, reveals how he went from being an attorney to being an attorney with a thriving online audience that laughs at his jokes. Matt and Corey discuss how much of a difference it makes to be able to bring your whole self to work, as well as how they found themselves outside of the traditional way of doing things in their chosen professions. Matt also discusses his role at Lawtrades, where attorneys are able to find that kind of freedom from the “old guard” and companies are able to get legal expertise based on their needs and budget.

Building Trust in the World of DevRel with Taylor Barnett

Screaming in the Cloud
30 Minutes
Taylor Barnett, Staff Developer Advocate at PlanetScale, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss building trust and working across departments in the world of DevRel. Taylor explores the interesting intersection of post-pandemic DevRel events, and how the fact that most DevRel professionals are new to the role impacts the way metrics are interpreted. Taylor also reveals how DevRel relates to sales, marketing, and support to drive not only trust and adoption, but also revenue. Corey and Taylor also explore how the ROI of DevRel activities such as keynotes is often hard to measure but important to understand.

Holiday Replay Edition – Inside the Mind of a DevOps Novelist with Gene Kim

Screaming in the Cloud
31 Minutes
Gene Kim is an author who writes about topics like DevOps and the digital age. His works include The Phoenix Project, The Unicorn Project, and The DevOps Handbook. Prior to picking up a pen, Gene served as CTO and founder of Tripwire, was the founder and director of research at IT Process Institute, and worked as an independent director of the Energy Sector Security Consortium in Portland, Oregon. He’s also the founder of the DevOps Enterprise Summit. Join Corey and Gene as they discuss what it was like to revisit the Parts Unlimited world for The Unicorn Project, where Corey stands on the should I stick around or should I leave the company spectrum, the Five Ideals, how Corey helped Gene zero in on his core audience for The Unicorn Project, what Gene admires about the DevOps Enterprise Summit community, the tremendous impact that Gene believes the DevOps community will have on the future, and more. This Holiday Replay edition of Screaming in the Cloud was originally aired March 4th, 2020.

Holiday Replay Edition – Burnout Isn’t a Sign of Weakness with Dr. Christina Maslach, PhD

Screaming in the Cloud
34 Minutes
Dr. Christina Maslach, PhD, is a professor of psychology at UC Berkeley, where she’s taught for nearly 50 years. During that time, she also had an eight-year stint as Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning. Dr. Maslach holds a bachelor of arts degree from Harvard and earned her doctor of philosophy degree in psychology from Stanford University. She’s also written several books about burnout at work. Join Corey and Dr. Maslach as they talk about employee burnout, how burnout is common in people-facing positions and why it’s not a sign of weakness, how burnout is an occupational risk factor but is not by itself a mental health issue, how burnout can lead to physical health problems and mental health issues, the impact the pandemic has had on employee burnout, how some folks think burnout is the malady of the century, how people are working harder at home to increase the chances they keep their jobs, the genesis of the term “burnout,” and more. This Holiday Replay episode of Screaming in the Cloud originally aired June 29th, 2021.

Holiday Replay Edition – Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Made Easy with Rob Zuber

Screaming in the Cloud
39 Minutes
Rob Zuber is the CTO of CircleCI, makers of a full-service CI/CD platform. Before that, he co-founded Copious, a social marketplace built around people and their interests, and Yoohoot, a mobile advertising company that was acquired by Appconomy. Join Corey and Rob as they discuss the ins and outs of continuous integration and continuous delivery and touch upon why it’s hard to scale CI/CD, why many companies end up focusing on what’s called undifferentiated heavy lifting and why that’s a bad thing, what keeps AWS awake at night (hint: something to do with money), why at the end of the day, it’s all about the product, how developer relations is really a marketing endeavor, how CircleCI is a team of engineers solving problems for another team of engineers, why distributed teams are becoming the norm, and more. This Holiday Replay edition of Screaming in the Cloud was originally aired on February 12th, 2020.