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Every week, listen to host Corey Quinn interview domain experts in the world of Cloud Computing to discuss AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and how businesses are coming to think about the Cloud.

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Steering Through Open Source Waters with Madelyn Olson

Screaming in the Cloud
33 Minutes
This episode features Madelyn Olson, maintainer for the open-source project Valkey, to discuss the growth and impact of open-source projects in the tech industry. Corey and Madelyn explore the transformations within these projects, particularly the challenges and shifts in governance and licensing practices that affect how companies like AWS contribute to and utilize open-source software. Furthermore, Madelyn shares insights into the motivations behind Valkey, its differentiation from Redis, and the broader implications for open-source sustainability and corporate involvement.

AI, Privacy, and User Control with Paul Harrison

Screaming in the Cloud
30 Minutes
In this episode, Corey Quinn is joined by Senior Security Engineering Lead at Mattermost Paul Harrison in a discussion on the often-overlooked ethical implications of artificial intelligence in technology. They discuss how the rapid adoption of AI technologies might compromise user privacy and consent, reflecting on instances where companies may prioritize innovation at the expense of these core values. Their conversation highlights Mattermost's dedication to data privacy and user control, positioning the company as a privacy-centric alternative in the tech landscape.

The Pros of On-Prem Kubernetes with Justin Garrison

Screaming in the Cloud
44 Minutes
Justin Garrison, Director of Developer Relations at Sidero, joins Corey to discuss Justin's experience transitioning from large companies like AWS and Disney to a more agile company like Sidero, the benefits of using simplified Linux distributions like Talos OS for running Kubernetes, and the pros of on-premises setups for certain workloads. The conversation touches upon challenges with cloud provider limitations, the impacts of computing power on both an economic and environmental scale and Corey and Justin’s frustration with businesses touting their use of AI when they’ve already abandoned those projects. 

Building Smarter Authorization Systems with Sam Scott

Screaming in the Cloud
37 Minutes
This episode explores the intricacies of authorization in software development with Sam Scott, CTO and co-founder of Oso. This conversation highlights the subtle yet critical differences between authentication and authorization, and why understanding these distinctions is pivotal for securing applications effectively. Sam shares his journey from a cryptography PhD to tackling real-world software security problems, emphasizing Oso's mission to streamline authorization for developers. The episode is rich with insights on how fine-grained authorization can significantly improve security posture and user experience, drawing on examples from prominent tech companies like AWS and Google Cloud. Sam also introduces Oso's innovative approach to authorization, simplifying permission management without sacrificing flexibility or control, making it an indispensable tool for developers navigating the complex landscape of modern software security.

Uwubernetes with Kat Cosgrove

Screaming in the Cloud
37 Minutes
This week on Screaming in the Cloud, Corey Quinn is joined by Kat Cosgrove, Lead Open Source Advocate for Dell Technologies. Kat catches Corey up to speed on the newest version of Kubernetes that Kat was the release lead for. The two discuss its unconventional name: Uwubernetes, what goes into creating and implementing a new version of the world’s second biggest open-source project, and which of Kat’s changes will be her legacy to Kubernetes. Kat also shares how she handles running a team that essentially works for free and what her Kubernetes role will be moving forward.

Slide Into The Future Of Presentations with Anthony Fu

Screaming in the Cloud
35 Minutes
Welcome to another episode of Screaming in the Cloud, where we're joined by Anthony Fu, a framework developer at Nuxt Labs and the creator of Slidev. Anthony has diversified the way presentations are crafted by integrating coding directly into slide development. In this episode, Corey and Anthony discuss the benefits of using markdown to craft slides, the challenges associated with traditional presentation tools like Keynote, and the open-source contributions that have propelled the development of this innovative software. Anthony also shares his inspiration for creating a tool that streamlines and enhances the presentation creation process for both developers and non-developers.

Teaching a Stanford Cloud Course with Aditya Saligrama

Screaming in the Cloud
34 Minutes
On this week’s episode of Screaming in the Cloud, Corey  is joined by Stanford computer science student Aditya Saligrama, who recently taught a Stanford course on cloud infrastructure. Aditya shares his unique perspective on various topics, including how higher education approaches teaching computer science in a rapidly evolving landscape, why he chose cloud security to begin with instead of tacking it on at the end, and what his plans are for the rest of school and beyond. Corey and Aditya lament the lack of real-world skills taught by universities. Aditya shares with the audience just how much work goes into being an effective undergraduate-level teacher while being an undergraduate student himself. 

Generative AI, Tech Innovations, & Evolving Perspectives with Randall Hunt

Screaming in the Cloud
42 Minutes
In this episode, we chat with Randall Hunt, the VP of Technology at Caylent, about the world of generative AI and how it's changing industries. Randall talks about his journey from being an AWS critic to leading tech projects at Caylent. He shares cool insights into the latest tech innovations, the challenges and opportunities in AI, and his vision for the future. Randall also explains how AI is used in healthcare, finance, and more, and gives advice for those interested in tech. 

Challenges of AI in Cloud Computing with Justin Brodley

Screaming in the Cloud
44 Minutes
In this episode of Screaming in the Cloud, Corey Quinn reconnects with Justin Brodley, Senior Vice President of Cloud and Technology at Blackline and host of the CloudPod podcast, to discuss the ongoing changes within cloud computing, specifically the intense focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and its repercussions on traditional cloud infrastructure. Justin shares insights from his recent experience at Google Cloud Next, discussing how the AI hype is reshaping cloud service strategies. Additionally, their conversation explores the cultural and strategic shifts within Google and Microsoft, examining their impact on the broader cloud computing landscape.

Google’s Graveyard and Lack of Hunger with Cody Ogden

Screaming in the Cloud
30 Minutes
On this week’s episode of Screaming in the Cloud, Corey Quinn sits down with the incredible Cody Odgen, software developer and creator of Killed by Google. Corey and Cody discuss Google’s graveyard of products, how discontinuing offerings creates a feeling of distrust amongst your customers, and why Google lacks the hunger needed to create an amazing generative AI tool. Corey shares his take on killed products from an AWS perspective while Cody draws comparisons between late’90s Microsoft and today’s Google, suggesting a decline in quality could be on the horizon for the cloud giant.

Inside Amazon’s Quest For Global Dominance With Dana Mattioli

Screaming in the Cloud
46 Minutes
In this Screaming in the Cloud episode, Corey welcomes Dana Mattioli, author of 'The Everything War: Amazon's Ruthless Quest to Own the World and Remake Corporate Power.' Together, they discuss the themes of her book, exploring Amazon's extensive reach and influence across multiple sectors, its profound impact on competition, and the ethical concerns surrounding its aggressive business practices. They also discuss Amazon's internal culture, intricate relationships with government entities, and strategic maneuvers within the corporate world.

AI’s Impact on the Future of Tech with Rachel Stephens

Screaming in the Cloud
40 Minutes
In this episode of Screaming in the Cloud, Corey Quinn is joined by Rachel Stephens, a Senior Analyst at RedMonk, for an engaging conversation about the profound impact of AI on software development. Rachel provides her expert insights on programming language trends and the shifts in the tech landscape driven by AI. They look into how AI has reshaped coding practices by automating mundane tasks and offering real-time assistance, altering how developers work. Furthermore, Corey and Rachel examine the economic and practical challenges of incorporating AI into business operations, aiming to strip away the hype and highlight AI technology’s capabilities and constraints.