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Every week, listen to host Corey Quinn interview domain experts in the world of Cloud Computing to discuss AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and how businesses are coming to think about the Cloud.

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Summer Replay – Ironing out the BGP Ruffles with Ivan Pepelnjak

Screaming in the Cloud
39 Minutes
If you need a point of contact for all things networking, then look no further than Ivan Pepelnjak. Ivan is the webinar author at where he is working on making networking an approachable subject for everyone. From teaching to writing books, Ivan has been at it for a long and storied career, and as a de facto go-to for networking knowledge, you can’t beat him. In this Summer Replay of Screaming in the Cloud, Ivan and Corey discuss Ivan’s status as a CCIE Emeritus and the old days of Cisco. Ivan also levels his network engineering expertise and helps Corey answer some questions about BGP and its implementation. Ivan aptly narrows it down into “layers” that he kindly runs us through. So tune in for a Dante-esque descent into BGP, DNS and Facebook, seeing out the graybeards of tech, and more!

Summer Replay – Building and Maintaining Cultures of Innovation with Francessca Vasquez

Screaming in the Cloud
41 Minutes
Relishing in your company’s current successes is important, but planning for the future of your business (and the wider industry) is equally vital. In this Summer Replay of Screaming in the Cloud, we’re taking you back to the post-pandemic climate of tech with the Global Vice President of the AWS Professional Services and GenAI Innovation Center Francessca Vasquez. With 20+ years of experience under her belt and thousands of customers, she knows a thing or two about thriving in the cloud. You’ll get Francessca’s insights into why companies struggle to maintain a cutting-edge work environment, the rapid pivot to the cloud amid a global pandemic, the importance of courting different backgrounds in your organization, and why the next generation of tech workers could spur unprecedented innovation. Even though COVID is seemingly in our rearview mirror, this discussion still holds weight in today.

Summer Replay – An Enterprise Level View of Cloud Architecture with Levi McCormick

Screaming in the Cloud
31 Minutes
When you hear a name like “Jamf,” you aren’t likely to think of cloud architecture, but for Levi McCormick, it’s his bread and butter. On this Summer Replay of Screaming in the Cloud, Corey and Levi chat about how Jamf’s business approach benefits both their clients and their development team. Levi gives his take on the relationship between software development and personal ownership, how he gamified learning for young engineers, the economic challenges presented to professionals trying to break into the cloud, and how AWS can improve its rollout of new products. Seeing as Levi McCormick is now Jamf’s Director of Engineering, those insights have seemingly paid dividends! You can check out this blast from the past (as well as Corey’s usual wit and hot takes) right now!

Helping Each Other and Growing Together with Matt Coulter

Screaming in the Cloud
36 Minutes
Matt Coulter returns to share his latest endeavors as he makes a comeback in community work, especially within DevTools and serverless circles. In this episode, he and Corey discuss the significance of the Cloud Development Kit (CDK), CDK Community Day, and CDK Patterns. Matt reflects on his journey into community work and contrasts the challenges of virtual versus in-person events, highlighting Belfast's burgeoning tech scene and his aim to amplify its presence globally. Additionally, Matt discusses Teach Me AWS, his new venture designed to simplify AWS tools and foster practical problem-solving skills.

Summer Replay – The Evolution of DevRel with Jeremy Meiss

Screaming in the Cloud
28 Minutes
Developer relations have gone through quite an evolution over the years. In this reissued episode, Corey talks with Jeremy Meiss, former Director of DevRel and Community at CircleCI, about how DevRel has transitioned from a focus on conference appearances to a more strategic alignment with business objectives. Corey and Jeremy also discuss navigating career complexities during economic downturns, emphasizing the importance of maintaining relevance. They also touch on fostering open communication within organizations and the enduring value of personal interactions in professional communities.

Complex Tech, Public Learning, & Impostor Syndrome with Kyler Middleton

Screaming in the Cloud
33 Minutes
Kyler Middleton, a Senior Principal Engineer at Veradigm and co-host of the Day Two Cloud podcast, joins Corey in this Screaming in the Cloud episode to talk about how tech careers are changing and the big impact of AI on starting in tech. Kyler, who once wanted to be a librarian, tells her story of becoming a tech pro. She highlights the importance of learning and sharing what you know, especially in tech. Corey and Kyler also get into how AI is changing the game for new techies and what that means if you're starting. Kyler's take on using and teaching tech offers some really helpful tips for anyone looking to get into or move up in the tech world.

Navigating Legal Risk and Compliance with Alex King

Screaming in the Cloud
34 Minutes
Alex King is a key player at the Duckbill Group as our legal counsel, as well as the founder of his own law firm, Archetype Legal. In this episode, Alex shares insights on his role in helping startups and small businesses navigate legal complexities, emphasizing the importance of risk analysis and compliance. He explains that attorneys highlight risks, allowing business leaders to make informed decisions. Alex recounts his experiences guiding clients through various legal challenges, from hiring decisions to office leases. Corey discusses the unique legal scenarios faced by the Duckbill Group and highlights the benefits of Alex's unique approach. 

S3’s Hidden Features and Quirks with Daniel Grzelak

Screaming in the Cloud
30 Minutes
Corey Quinn and Daniel Grzelak take you on a journey through the wild and wonderful world of Amazon S3 in this episode. They explore the fun quirks and hidden surprises of S3, like the mysterious "Schrodinger's Objects" from incomplete uploads and the head-scratching differences between S3 bucket commands and the S3 API. Daniel and Corey break down common misunderstandings about S3 encryption and IAM policies, sharing stories of misconfigurations and security pitfalls.

Steering Through Open Source Waters with Madelyn Olson

Screaming in the Cloud
33 Minutes
This episode features Madelyn Olson, maintainer for the open-source project Valkey, to discuss the growth and impact of open-source projects in the tech industry. Corey and Madelyn explore the transformations within these projects, particularly the challenges and shifts in governance and licensing practices that affect how companies like AWS contribute to and utilize open-source software. Furthermore, Madelyn shares insights into the motivations behind Valkey, its differentiation from Redis, and the broader implications for open-source sustainability and corporate involvement.

AI, Privacy, and User Control with Paul Harrison

Screaming in the Cloud
30 Minutes
In this episode, Corey Quinn is joined by Senior Security Engineering Lead at Mattermost Paul Harrison in a discussion on the often-overlooked ethical implications of artificial intelligence in technology. They discuss how the rapid adoption of AI technologies might compromise user privacy and consent, reflecting on instances where companies may prioritize innovation at the expense of these core values. Their conversation highlights Mattermost's dedication to data privacy and user control, positioning the company as a privacy-centric alternative in the tech landscape.

The Pros of On-Prem Kubernetes with Justin Garrison

Screaming in the Cloud
44 Minutes
Justin Garrison, Director of Developer Relations at Sidero, joins Corey to discuss Justin's experience transitioning from large companies like AWS and Disney to a more agile company like Sidero, the benefits of using simplified Linux distributions like Talos OS for running Kubernetes, and the pros of on-premises setups for certain workloads. The conversation touches upon challenges with cloud provider limitations, the impacts of computing power on both an economic and environmental scale and Corey and Justin’s frustration with businesses touting their use of AI when they’ve already abandoned those projects. 

Building Smarter Authorization Systems with Sam Scott

Screaming in the Cloud
37 Minutes
This episode explores the intricacies of authorization in software development with Sam Scott, CTO and co-founder of Oso. This conversation highlights the subtle yet critical differences between authentication and authorization, and why understanding these distinctions is pivotal for securing applications effectively. Sam shares his journey from a cryptography PhD to tackling real-world software security problems, emphasizing Oso's mission to streamline authorization for developers. The episode is rich with insights on how fine-grained authorization can significantly improve security posture and user experience, drawing on examples from prominent tech companies like AWS and Google Cloud. Sam also introduces Oso's innovative approach to authorization, simplifying permission management without sacrificing flexibility or control, making it an indispensable tool for developers navigating the complex landscape of modern software security.