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Secrets of AWS Contract Negotiation

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At the Duckbill Group, we spend a lot of time on AWS Contract Negotiation. Something that’s become very clear to us as we’ve gone through our client engagements is that companies shouldn’t let AWS contracts dictate their architectural decisions—and yet, most of them do on some level. This behavior takes a variety of forms depending […]

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Machine Learning is a Marvelously Executed Scam

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Machine Learning is a Marvelously Executed Scam I’ve joked periodically that machine learning (or “ML”) adherents claim to be able to sort through vast quantities of data and find absolutely anything except a viable business model. I’d like to revisit that with a clarification: They also apparently can’t tell a story around what they do […]

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Nobody Cares About the Operating System Anymore

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Once upon a time when I was a fledgling Linux systems administrator, the distribution you used Really Mattered. You used Gentoo or similar if you didn’t value your time, you used Ubuntu (once it came out) if you valued community, you went with Debian if you enjoyed having the crap kicked out of you in […]

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