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How to Properly Engage with AWS Enterprise Support

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AWS Enterprise Support is a fantastic waste of money--unless you use the support it buys you properly, at which point it becomes a jewel beyond price.

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AWS Lays Groundwork for New AI/ML Push

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As we drown this week in a cacophony of AWS service releases (“Route53 Resolver now exists!” “IAM users now support tagging!” “Introducing our no-SQL service for digital video, DynamoDV!”), one came out yesterday that caused me to do a spit-take. Specifically, a little-remarked upon change declared that AWS has renamed EC2 Elastic GPUs to Elastic […]

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How To Prepare for a Tech Conference Talk

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I give an obnoxious number of conference talks–and I have done so for years. In the last year alone, I’ve been a speaker at over a dozen conferences, including AWS re:Invent, Oracle CodeOne, LatencyConf, and several DevOps Days. So many people have asked questions about my presentation preparation process that I decided to record my […]

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