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9 Ways AWS Made Me Headdesk When Using the CDK

By Corey Quinn

Figuring out a strong personal security posture can be overwhelming. Corey Quinn reviews his personal InfoSec approach for humans with “normal” security risks.

Should You Take a Job at AWS?

By Corey Quinn

“Should I accept a job offer at AWS?” The answer isn’t straightforward, so here are the things you’ll want to consider before you take a job at Amazon.

No, AWS, Aurora Serverless v2 Is Not Serverless

By Maciej Radzikowski

The freshly released Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 is a highly scalable, highly available, fully managed SQL database.  If only it were serverless. How AWS prices Aurora Serverless v2 When AWS released Aurora Serverless v2 as generally available on April 21, I had to double-check the date. No, it was too late for April Fool’s.  It […]

The Strange, Too-Familiar Tale of ‘Uncle Suitcase’

By Corey Quinn

Amazon Cognito is the AWS service that boasts about all it can accomplish — but without the substance to back up its claims.

The Aurora Serverless Road Not Taken

By Corey Quinn

Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 review: The AWS service’s April 2022 launch fails to fulfill the promises of serverless and of a second version product.

AWS Has a Moral Responsibility To Fix the Free Tier

By Corey Quinn

The AWS Free Tier makes it too easy to rack up massive surprise bills. If AWS doesn’t fix free tier, the company is certain to face tragic consequences.

An AWS Free Tier Bill Shock: Your Next Steps

By Corey Quinn

When your AWS Free Tier bill is suddenly in the thousands, don’t panic. File an honest support ticket — kindly! When your case is resolved, delete your AWS account.

AWS’s Deprecation Policy Is Like a Platypus

By Corey Quinn

Four different pathways to deprecation that AWS has trod over the past few years. Some approaches are more customer- or partner-friendly than others, while others are painfully slow or silently abrupt.

How to Win in Cloud

By Corey Quinn

On a longer planning horizon than many companies seem to operate, it would appear that the approach that most of the existing cloud providers are taking today is suboptimal. Their messaging, their product offerings, their enhancements around existing services, and their hiring all swirls around a central theme: migrating enterprise workloads into cloud.

AWS’s Open Source Problem

By Corey Quinn

Compared to many of its large tech company peers, Amazon has historically struggled with its relationship to Open Source. Google has Kubernetes, Chrome, the Go programming language, and a mountain more. Microsoft has gone from the bad old days of being generally obnoxious, to being the de facto stewards of everyone else’s open source code by way of GitHub, as well as putting out Visual Studio Code, the TypeScript programming language, and a mountain more.

Shitposting as a Learning Style

By Corey Quinn

Everyone learns in different ways. Some methods work super well for one person, while someone else just doesn’t “get it.” While most of us know this intellectually, it’s easy to forget that other people aren’t all like we are. I’m speaking in this case, of course, about myself.