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Work With Duckbill Media

If you are looking for ways to reach a bigger audience with your writing, consider working with Duckbill Media, the company behind Last Week in AWS, Screaming in the Cloud, and AWS Morning Brief

When you work with us, everything you write will be included in Monday newsletter and posted to the Last Week in AWS blog. Your content will receive the full treatment of our editorial, operations, and marketing staff to ensure that not only is your content the very best it can be but that it will be read by as many people as we can get it to. You can read about our editorial values here to get a better sense of what we look for.


Some topics we’re actively looking for include:

  • Cost management
  • Data engineering & analytics
  • Security & compliance
  • Serverless
  • Governance & infrastructure management

We have flexible arrangements when it comes to how we can work together. Many of our contributors work with us on an as-available basis, contributing an article when they have time. Other authors work with us on a contract basis, submitting a certain number of articles per month for a set monthly payment. Our as-available contributors receive $450 USD per article published. Our contract contributors are compensated depending upon the level of their involvement.

If you’re interested, submit the contact form below. Be sure to read our Contribution Guidelines before submitting the form.

If you’re submitting an article idea you have not yet written, just include your pitch below. As much detail as possible, please. If you already have an article written, include a link to a Google Doc here.