Good Morning!

Hello, Seattle! I’ll be visiting tomorrow; come by Outer Planet Brewing at 7PM and let me buy you a drink. My business partner Mike will be there too, so if you don’t show up I’ll assume he killed the vibe.

From the Community

Someone got married; congratulations to them. The more interesting part for those of us that don’t know the happy couple is that they built their wedding website from scratch on AWS–and chose Elastic Beanstalk to do it. So many ways to run containers; it’s nice to see the classics still being the default choice for folks.

I complained last week that Mechanical Turk wasn’t listed in the official list of tasks that require root user credentials. Not only did that get fixed with a quickness, they redid the page to be a lot more understandable. Gold star to them! You’ve impressed me.

IBM is buying HashiCorp, which everyone is asking me my opinion on. Why? I’m not gonna do better than Fintan Ryan’s analysis; check the link. In an homage to IBM’s culture, I will make a witty observation about the purchase in a decade or two.

Coca-Cola signs $1.1 bln deal to use Microsoft cloud, AI services, which is super exciting news. After over a century, the Coca-Cola secret formula is about to be public! Thanks, Azure!

There’s about to be blood on the floor, as a lawsuit filed by a former employee is full of juicy tidbits. The headline gives a taste: Ex-Amazon AI exec claims she was asked to ignore IP law. If I were AWS I would do everything in my power to settle this one quickly and quietly,


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Choice Cuts

Amazon GameLift now includes containers support (Preview) – It’s been a while since I got to make a "17 ways to run containers in AWS" joke, but I guess it’s 18 now!

Introducing Amazon Route 53 Profiles – This is handy-you can map your database schema to other accounts and VPCs super easily with this. The weird thing is that this is available in all AWS regions except for Calgary. I’m sorry… what?

Amazon Simple Email Service is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US-East) Region – The government can finally send email. I guess AWS was super tired of their GovCloud customers having to open support tickets via fax machine.

Amazon Time Sync Service expands Microsecond-Accurate time to 87 additonal EC2 instance types – I was meaning to play with this but didn’t want to spin up an R instance. Now I apparently don’t have to.

How to Migrate Content from Amazon WorkDocs – This is Amazon’s polite way of saying that they’ve deprecated WorkDocs, as they’re attempting to compete with Google at their core competency.

Build and deploy a 1 TB/s file system in under an hour – This headline should be rewritten as "Build and deploy a 1 TB/s file system in under 3.6 petabytes."

AWS Response to March 2024 CSRB report – Exchange, like most Microsoft offerings, is a security tire fire. No action is needed for AWS customers.

Amazon had the chance to be actual leaders instead of talking about leaders at any point until last week by no longer enforcing post-employment non-competes against their employees (including interns). Even Microsoft got rid of theirs a couple of years ago. Now the FTC has banned them, and Amazon has demonstrated that regulation is the only thing they listen to–not their employees, not people turning down job offers based on the agreement, not basic human decency. They could have been so much better than this.


terraform-aws-nuke-bomber is an absolutely superb thing to stuff into an at() job (cron’s lesser known friend that almost nobody thinks to check for) and keep pushing the schedule back. Ticking time bombs like these buried in production surely won’t cause woes for anybody!

I like git bisect, so git bisect-find is definitely something I’ll be exploring. Such a great tool!

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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