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Conference season is here once again. Last week was KubeCon EU out in Amsterdam. This week is RSA in San Francisco, not last week because I suck at reading calendars. If you’re around tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 6PM, I’ll be at The Ramp in SF; let me buy you a drink.

From the Community

Now available on-demand from my friends at ChaosSearch: the stupendous, spectacular extravaganza –  Embrace the Chaos!  Hear from Thomas Hazel, Founder & CTO, and Ed Walsh, CEO, as well as AWS’ own Kevin Miller – as they disrupt the conventional thinking on data analytics, discussing how *"*what we think we know" vs. "what we truly know" is connected to our most valuable resource: data. Follow me, Corey Quinn, grab your popcorn and watch the presentation on-demand today… see you there!

My Other Computer is Amazon EC2 is a great sticker that CorpInfo used to pass out as swag. Kevin Lin has a post on how he makes that a reality.

A tax rule lapsed and that means that your AWS bill among other things might be a massive tax bill this year.

The Register reports that AWS staff are spending ‘much of their time ’optimizing cloud’ . I guess they’re all busy doing that in accounts that aren’t my customers’…


Last Week In AWS: Barest Metal Instances

Last Week In AWS: Screwing Up the Messaging and Also the RSA Dates

Screaming in the Cloud: Fixing What’s Broken in Monitoring and Observability with Jean Yang

Screaming in the Cloud: Hacking Old Hardware and Developer Advocate Presentations with Darko Mesaroš

Choice Cuts

Do you wish your developers had less permanent access to AWS? With Sym, you can protect your cloud infrastructure with customizable, just-in-time access workflows. By automating the access request lifecycle, Sym makes it easy to reduce the scope of default developer access while keeping your team moving quickly. Protect your AWS Organization with Sym today.

Announcing Dev Environment dashboard for Amazon CodeCatalyst (Preview) – Oh hell yes; context switching and getting my environment provisioned is one of the more obnoxious repetitive tasks. This preview gives a glimpse of a better future.

Amazon DynamoDB now supports up to 50 concurrent table restores – How much screwing up are you doing that you need this many simultaneous restores from backup going on, unless you’re trying to figure out when something broke via binary search?

Amazon EC2 supports Ubuntu Pro operating system in a subscription-included model – This is super exciting news for anyone still operating their cloud environment in 2012. So this is a big deal for you, GovCloud customers!

Amazon EFS now supports up to 10 GiB/s of throughput – EFS was terrible when it launched–at least, that was my take on it. Then it got better, and better, and better, and now it’s one of my absolute favorite services that AWS offers. Surprising no one at this point, it just got even better once again.

Increased visibility of your carbon emissions data with AWS Customer Carbon Footprint Tool – The weak and hidden Carbon Footprint Tool just got marginally more utility as long as your love language is CSV files. Excel doesn’t play nicely with these, as (just like socially awkward men on the internet) it inappropriately assumes everything is a date.

Python 3.10 runtime now available in AWS Lambda – So soon? 18 months after 3.10 was released this comes out. Side bets on when we’ll see 3.11, anyone?

Understanding techniques to reduce AWS Lambda costs in serverless applications – Because this appears on the Compute blog instead of the Cloud Financial Management blog, the tips are architectural and sensible rather than "buy some savings plans and switch everything to Graviton." I’ve done these myself in various scenarios…

Use Amazon DynamoDB global tables in DynamoDB Shell – I’d forgotten that DynamoDB Shell was a thing! Remember to create all of your tables as Global Tables; there’s no downside to it, but if you want to expand a table to multiple regions later this way doesn’t require you to reprovision the table and repopulate it from a backup.

Announcing General Availability of Amazon CodeCatalyst – CodeCatalyst is one of the best things to come out of AWS recently; its free tier isn’t going to start charging you by surprise (it’s actually free!), it works tied to BuilderID, and it’s the first viable approach I’ve seen to get the new builder up and running quickly that doesn’t require customers to be falling all over themselves transitionng between different AWS services. Nice work.


One view to see them all! Kentik provides Cloud and NetOps teams with complete visibility into hybrid and multi-cloud networks. Ensure an amazing customer experience, reduce cloud and network costs, and optimize performance at scale — from internet to data center to container to cloud. Learn how you can get control of complex cloud networks at

Ooh, cfn-teleport is a CLI tool that can move CloudFormation resources between different stacks. Hell yes.

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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