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Welcome to a brand new year, full of opportunity and possibility in equal measure! It’s a clean slate; let’s see what we can write on it.

From the Community

This issue is sponsored in part by my friends at ChaosSearch! As you know, running log analysis with Elasticsearch at scale can be unstable, relentlessly time-sucking and surprisingly expensive. Now try ChaosSearch – a fully managed log analytics platform that delivers the Elasticsearch API you love, with built-in Kibana, but with No ElasticSearch under the hood! ChaosSearch activates your Amazon S3 as a true data lake, for analytics at scale, with no data movement, no data retention limits and savings of up to 80% vs an ELK Stack. In fact with ChaosSearch, you can start with 3 easy steps: Store, Connect & Analyze. So start experiencing insights at scale from ALL of your data (and tell them I sent you)! Sponsored

I really wish this was a first-party option built into GitHub, but sadly it isn’t. How to Securely Access Your AWS Resources From Github Actions is left as an exercise for individuals to implement…

A great read on problematic employers in tech by former AWS employee Deirdré Straughan.

I rounded up Last Year in AWS.

Remember that big Capital One breach in 2019 by a former AWS employee (note: at no point has it been alleged that they used inside information to get the data!)? It got settled for $190M and a few embarrassing headlines.

The WSJ (paywalled) has an article on how Google and other clouds are investing in their cloud clients — read as “buying customers.”


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Choice Cuts

Tired of explaining to your boss why your cloud bill keeps getting bigger? It’s a tough conversation we’ve all had. Fortunately, Vultr is ready to save us all time, money, and hassle by providing Cloud Compute and high-performance bare metal at a fraction of the cost of Big Tech. That’s why Vultr is here to bring you a FREE two week trial of $100 in cloud infrastructure credit. Visit to redeem this offer. Sponsored

AWS announces phone number enrichments for Amazon Fraud Detector Models – “Using ML under the hood” but still somehow talking about it ALL THE TIME. Once more: for a service like this, customers care about outcomes, not how trendy the backend systems are.

Implementing Hyper-Personalization in the Banking Sector with Amazon EMR – “How to be creepy and still miss the mark.” Customers feel creeped the hell out when they feel hyper-personalized. Further, when’s the last time you got a notice from your bank that made you super glad they sent it when they did?

Power highly resilient use cases with Amazon Redshift – The real highly resilient folks are the product managers for Redshift who bravely soldier on in the face of Snowflake DB eating their breakfast, lunch, second lunch, elevenses, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper.

How Twilio modernized its billing platform on Amazon Aurora MySQL – Cool, now can the AWS billing system modernize on I don’t even care what database, just make my endless hell suck less?

Define application boundary using AWS resources tags in Amazon DevOps Guru – Be sure to also define work/life boundary by turning the on-call pager off. It’s a brand new year, after all.

CxO Insight: Reporting Cybersecurity to the Board – Or more honestly, “how not to get fired as a CISO when you have Very Bad News to report.”

Community update for Amazon GameSparks – “GameSparks,” “Amazon Kindle,” “Amazon Fire.” It’s time for “AWS Burninate.”

Airports Want to Innovate Faster – I’m not saying that airports is a focus industry for AWS right now, but the author of the post is “Worldwide Head of Airports at AWS.” It’s AWS, so don’t worry; they still make him fly coach.

Recap of re:Invent 2021 for the CPG Industry – I had to read the footer of the post to realize that “CPG” means “Consumer Packaged Goods.” Are you sure that everyone working in that industry is familiar with that descriptor, AWS?

How and when to enable session cookies with Amazon CloudWatch RUM – “A key part of RUM is the concept of a session.” Yes, AWS, it very much is. That’s what every other RUM vendor on the planet charges based upon, since it’s at least theoretically within the customer’s control. You instead continue to charge per data item, which means the next time a big CDN takes a nap your product managers will get to all buy matching yachts.

Identity Guide – Preventive controls with AWS Identity – SCPs – I’ve been waiting for a good explainer on SCPs to come out for a while and… this looks like it actually is the thing I wanted. Nice!


CockroachDB wants to help you keep that New Year’s resolution to lose a little weight. No, we can’t help you un-eat those three (okay, four) slices of fruit cake. But we can help you trim the fat from your appdev workflow. We sponsored a free O’Reilly book, Building Serverless Applications with Google Cloud Run, to help developers learn how serverless development can simplify how they build and scale apps. And all without cutting back on carbs. Win. Win. Sponsored

A lightweight dockerized version of the AWS CLI is super handy; I run aws via Docker myself to make sure I’m always up to date.

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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