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The Duckbill Group’s new Ask A Cloud Economist YouTube videos answer all of your burning AWS billing questions. If you have questions you’d like covered in the next video, submit them here and check out the latest video.

Last week I spoke with Devon Griff on the amazing application that is Retool, have a look!

As the markets plunge, our favorite $1.131T company flirts with losing its fourth comma. Ridiculous; AWS is arguably worth at least that much as a standalone entity…

From the Community

I’m All-In on Server-Side SQLite · Fly – Having run server-side SQLite, I’m not sure I have the stomach to read this one in depth.

CloudFlare had a busy week of releasing things, so it’s a good time to visit this Cold Start Comparison of AWS Lambda and Cloudflare Workers.

An analysis of Amazon Macie since it’s been a while since some of us have had the budget to dare to test it out again.

Yes, they’re both real: AWS’s Deprecation Policy Is Like a Platypus.

In the world of Terrible Businesses To Be In, apparently one offers cloud downtime insurance for AWS and Azure.

AWS is spending $12 billion to expand us-west-2 by 5 data centers.


Last Week In AWS: AWS’s Deprecation Policy Is Like a Platypus

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Screaming in the Cloud: Serverless Should be Simple with Tomasz Łakomy

YouTube: How Did I Not Know About Retool with Devon Groff

YouTube: AWS’s Deprecation Policy Is Like a Platypus

Choice Cuts

Tired of egregious egress? Understand why SMBs and Enterprise are relocating their workloads from EC2 to Vultr in droves when you try Vultr’s new Optimized Compute Instances. Starting at $28/mo, you can free yourself from Big Tech’s unpredictable, competitive practices when you deploy in 60 seconds or less today. Redeem $150 in free infrastructure credit for Last Week in AWS readers!

Amazon EFS now supports a larger number of concurrent file locks – EFS continues to improve to heights that the NetApp in your old data center could only dream of.

AWS Lambda adds support for Node.js 16 – Time to get back on your Lambda redeploy treadmill, everyone.

Administer AWS Single Sign-On from a delegated member account in your organization – Once again many of us pay the AWS Tax for being early adopters, as features like this aren’t available to us without significant upheaval to our existing environments.

Debugging AWS Step Functions executions with the new console experience – "Good news, the old horrible console isn’t something you have to use anymore" is always a difficult messaging needle to thread, but AWS handled it well this time.

Notarize documents on the Ethereum Blockchain – Is there any entity at all that both requires notarization of documents and will accept same on the blockchain?

What can happen when you copy Lambda function code from the Internet and deploy it to your AWS account? Read the Sysdig blog that walks you through a real attack scenario from a black box and white box angle to uncover a vulnerable AWS Lambda function and learn the best practices to mitigate this vector attack.

Announcing the end of support for Internet Explorer 11 in the AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3) – FINALLY. The old Internet Explorer team has been renamed as Edgelords.

Hosting your own dedicated Valheim server in the cloud – "Host your own dedicated gaming server in the cloud" sounds like a super relevant thing to a lot of people. Too bad it deploys an architecture including Route 53, CloudFront, Lambda, EC2, S3, AWS Backup, API Gateway, Cognito, and EventBridge. Seems like someone’s going to be way too busy to spend any time gaming if they go down this path…

Create a more secure LAMP stack with AWS WAF (web application firewall) – Ah yes, the famous LAWMP stack.

Introducing vended metrics for Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus – Isn’t Prometheus itself a metrics service? So now you get to pay for metrics… twice, as they get sent to CloudWatch as well? I am very confused.

Expedite your IPv6 adoption with PrivateLink services and endpoints – It’s rich that AWS of all companies is telling others to expedite their IPv6 adoption given how far behind that adoption curve they’ve been for the last decade.


Couchbase Capella DBaaS is flexible, full-featured, and fully managed with built-in access via K/V, SQL, and full-text search. Flexible JSON documents align to your applications and workloads. Build faster with blazing fast in-memory performance and automated replication and scaling, while reducing costs. Try it today for free and be up and running in 3 minutes—no credit card required.

The AWS CLI is pretty decent these days, but I remember when s3cmd was the only real option for working with S3 from the command line.

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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