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Hi I’m Veliswa Boya. I am the guest author for this week, here to bring you all the snark – or not – that you’ve come to expect from Corey.I am an AWS enthusiast and an AWS Community Hero.

I’m a married mom of 3 who once upon a time enjoyed running marathons. I work in financial services as a Cloud Engineer. I am on Twitter @vel12171.

From the Community

Fine, let’s talk about metrics. Do you know that you can also use Honeycomb for metrics? You always could. Itís just that you’ll likely wind up replacing 95% of your old busted metrics with way more powerful events.

But you can still get the metrics that DO matter into Honeycomb. Download our whitepaper on Getting Started with Honeycomb Metrics to see how. Sponsored

Helen Anderson is highly supportive of all those in the tech industry. Here is a recent blog from Helen with advice for new analysts and developers. The advice not only applies to those new in tech imo. Follow Helen on Twitter: @helenanders26.

Luke Mwila loves to write especially about Containers on AWS, here is his latest article on setting CodePipeline Status Notifications to Slack using CloudWatch and Lambda. Follow Luke on Twitter: @LuKE9ine.


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Do you hold a US Security Clearance? Do you want to build exciting things? Protect exciting secrets? Make big trouble for Moose and Squirrel? Check out the AWS Cleared Jobs and see if AWS might have a role that’s up your alley. Many restrictions apply; see page for details.

Choice Cuts

Join Gigaom Research Analyst Enrico Signoretti on Wednesday, October 14th, at 2 pm ET, for an overview of the data backup and recovery market, learn about a new approach to enterprise-grade data backup and retention using S3-compatible Object Storage, and much more. All registrants will be sent a recording for on-demand viewing. Register today. Sponsored

Tech Day of Pink: How the cloud is powering the fight against breast cancer – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. AWS and its employees is partnering with Estee Lauder Companies for this worthy cause. Follow the AWS account on Twitter @awscloud to learn more.

Amazon EKS now supports configurable Kubernetes service IP address range – more ways for you to use AWS as an extension of your traditional data center….

Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics now supports prebuilt canary monitoring dashboardinsert yellow canary bird emoji and music notes

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Java is now Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink – It’s a mouthful of a renaming, on an already mouthful of a name, a necessary renaming though.

Amazon S3 Object Ownership is available to enable bucket owners to automatically assume ownership of objects uploaded to their buckets – This AWS enthusiast had to do a double-take on this one, because how was this not the case before?

AWS and Grafana Labs launch AWS X-Ray data source plugin – With the CloudWatch integration and more recently the Timestream integration…..Terrible pun alert: The Grafana/AWS integrations keep streaming in…

Employee onboarding app template now available for Amazon Honeycode – The not-made-for-developers product that always gets a lot of reaction from developers.

Now launch Amazon SageMaker Studio in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) – This made me launch my very first SageMaker Studio. Few clicks and you’re a Data Scientist.

How to Unleash Mainframe Data with AWS and Qlik Replicate – Why do I always picture all my mainframe ex-colleagues rolling their eyes everytime I see AWS and mainframe in the same sentence?

Enable Office 365 with AWS Managed Microsoft AD without user password synchronization – So you thought you were all in on AWS and then you remembered Office 365?

Amazon CloudWatch Logs now supports two subscription filters per log group – ‘You get a subscription filter’, ‘You get a subscription filter’…..’Everybody gets a subscription filter!’..ok maybe not quite as yet, but a good start nonetheless…

Introducing AWS Lambda Extensions – In preview – Easily THE announcement of the week. There is a lot of goodness that’s really being made possible by this feature.

CodeGuru Profiler now supports resource tagging – I remember tweeting “super cool” when CodeGuru was announced at reInvent2019. I went on to completely forget about it. I’m not hearing a lot of developers talk about this product. Am I just hanging around in the wrong Discord servers?

Amazon EventBridge announces support for Dead Letter Queues – Not knowing where your events went has got to be the third worst thing in the world of event-computing, getting a feature that takes care of that has got to be the second best thing in the world of event-computing.


Our friends at FireHydrant are pretty sure that using a real incident to test a new response process is not the best idea (hard agree).They’re hosting a webinar where they’ll share the secrets of how they use chaos engineering philosophies to stress test 3 processes so they can go from fire hazard to fireproof (get it?). Register here – it’s at 1p ET on Wednesday, October 14th! Sponsored

I recently attended a meetup and learned about Checkov. Checkov will analyze your infrastructure-as-code and detect your misconfigurations before you run these against your cloud environments

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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