I have, at long last, made it home from re:Invent yesterday afternoon. I’m not going to bother to rehash the releases; there are countless other places to get those. Instead, I want to call out some things that went really well at the conference that generally go unremarked upon.

The wifi was much better than last year. Yes, while admittedly I did have a bit of challenge uploading some 4K video on one very busy day, I can’t help but think that my use case isn’t exactly common–and is well outside the design tolerances of the network.

The event mobile app sent me a push notification about a pause in shuttle service due to a safety situation. Later we’d learn that someone was driving erratically, barricaded themselves in their vehicle for an hour or so in a standoff with the police, was arrested unharmed, and (presumably) when being led away tore off his shirt to reveal an Oracle Cloud logo as their guerrilla marketing campaign around re:Invent seeks to top itself every year. Nobody was hurt, and the push notification did its job.

Everyone I interacted with, from event staff to AWS folks to expo hall vendors to various customers? Incredibly friendly! I know it sounds weird to remark upon that, but the same can’t be said of other events.

It may be gauche to mention this, but in all three keynotes I attended (Peter DeSantis, Adam Selipsky, Swami Sivasubramanian) the speakers themselves demonstrated excellence as speakers. I’m not talking about the content, the pacing, the theming, or anything like that–as someone who’s made a craft out of speaking on stage at conferences, the public speaking element of it is incredibly technically challenging and highly intimidating. It’s clear it’s something that all three of them have focused upon, and the results absolutely show. Zero snark here–that stuff is HARD and I recognize it that way; all three have gotten to the point where they make it look easy. I promise you it’s not.

I was reminded about a uniquely Amazonian trait as well; when talking about my experiences with various services with random AWS people throughout the week, I was always met with the same response: "tell me more." It didn’t matter whether I was being complimentary, critical, or patently ridiculous; there’s a strong desire to learn more about the customer experience that’s the hallmark of AWS. It stands above and apart from the rest of the industry, and I strongly suspect that if you don’t demonstrate that curiosity melded with customer focus, you don’t stay at Amazon very long. It’s remarkably consistent!

Lastly, for the folks who came out to the co-hosted drinkup I held with RedMonk, thank you. I’ve often wondered what RedMonk and the Duckbill Group have in common. After all, they’re an analyst firm that’s developer focused (and if you’re not talking them you absolutely should be), while we fix AWS bills for a living (and if you’re not talking to us because your AWS bill isn’t a problem for you I’m deeply envious); what aligns us? The answer became remarkably clear: our respective (and in some cases shared) community is quite frankly just composed of the absolute best people. We’re incredibly fortunate to know you; every time we get to spend time with you we come away the better for it.

Enjoy the holidays; there’s much more to come.

From the Community

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Tired of the vulnerabilities, costs and slow recoveries when using snapshots to protect your AWS data? Check out Veeam for secure, zero-fuss AWS backup that won’t leave you high and dry when it’s time to restore.

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Amazon Athena now supports Apache Spark – empty

AWS announces Amazon Aurora zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift – empty

Announcing Amazon Braket Algorithm Library where you can now access pre-built quantum algorithms – empty

Amazon CloudWatch launches cross-account observability across multiple AWS accounts – empty

Announcing Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor Preview – empty

Amazon CodeWhisperer adds Enterprise administrative controls, simple sign-up, and support for new languages – empty

Amazon Connect announces Contact Lens agent performance evaluation forms (Preview) – empty

Amazon Connect forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling is now generally available – empty

Amazon Connect now provides step-by-step guides in agent workspace (preview) – empty

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) Elastic Clusters is now generally available – empty

Announcing Amazon EC2 M6in, M6idn, R6in, and R6idn network optimized instances – empty

Introducing the Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Software Products – empty

Amazon ECS introduces Service Connect – empty

Announcing Elastic Throughput for Amazon Elastic File System – empty

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP simplifies access to Multi-AZ file systems from on-premises and peered networks – empty

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP doubles the maximum throughput capacity and SSD IOPS per file system – empty

Amazon GuardDuty RDS Protection now in preview – empty

Amazon Kendra launches expanded language support for semantic search – empty

Amazon Kendra launches tabular search for HTML documents – empty

Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose adds support for data stream delivery to Amazon OpenSearch Serverless – empty

Amazon Macie introduces automated sensitive data discovery – empty

Introducing Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) Delivery Partners – empty

Introducing Amazon Omics – empty

Amazon QuickSight announces Paginated Reports – empty

Expanded API capabilities now generally available for Amazon QuickSight – empty

New question types for Amazon QuickSight Q – empty

Amazon QuickSight Q now supports automated data preparation – empty

Announcing Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments for safer, simpler, and faster updates – empty

Amazon RDS Optimized Reads is now available for up to 50% faster queries on Amazon RDS for MySQL – empty

Amazon RDS Optimized Writes enables up to 2x higher write throughput at no additional cost – empty

Amazon Redshift data sharing now supports centralized access control with AWS Lake formation (Preview) – empty

Announcing Amazon Redshift integration for Apache Spark with Amazon EMR – empty

Amazon Redshift announces integration with Informatica Data Loader tool to accelerate data uploads at no cost – empty

Amazon Redshift now supports Multi-AZ (Preview) for RA3 clusters – empty

Amazon Redshift announces general availability of real-time streaming ingestion for Amazon KDS and Amazon MSK – empty

Amazon Redshift extends SQL capabilities to simplify and speed up data warehouse migrations (preview) – empty

Amazon Redshift announces support for Dynamic Data Masking (Preview) – empty

Amazon Redshift now supports auto-copy from Amazon S3 – empty

Announcing preview for Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller zonal shift – empty

Amazon S3 Access Points can now be used to securely delegate access permissions for shared datasets to other AWS accounts – empty

New Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Points failover controls enable active-passive configurations and customer-initiated failovers – empty

Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler now provides built-in data preparation in notebooks – empty

Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler now supports over 40 third-party applications as data sources – empty

Amazon SageMaker now supports geospatial ML (preview) – empty

Amazon SageMaker JumpStart now enables you to more easily share ML artifacts within your organization – empty

Introducing Amazon SageMaker Ready Software Products – empty

Introducing Amazon SageMaker support for shadow testing – empty

Amazon SageMaker Studio now supports automatic conversion of notebook code to production-ready jobs – empty

Amazon SageMaker Studio launches redesigned user interface – empty

Amazon SageMaker Studio now supports real time collaboration – empty

Introducing Amazon Security Lake (Preview) – empty

Amazon Textract launches Analyze Lending to accelerate loan document processing – empty

AWS announces Amazon Verified Permissions (Preview) – empty

Amazon VPC Reachability Analyzer now supports network reachability analysis across accounts in an AWS Organization – empty

Announcing Amazon EC2 C7gn instances (Preview) – empty

Announcing Amazon EC2 Hpc6id instances – empty

Announcing Amazon OpenSearch Serverless (Preview) – empty

AWS announces Amazon Inspector support for AWS Lambda functions – empty

AWS announces Amazon EC2 Inf2 instances (Preview) – empty

AWS announces Amazon Redshift integration for Apache Spark – empty

AWS announces Amazon VPC Lattice (Preview) – empty

AWS announces lower latencies for Amazon Elastic File System – empty

AWS Announces Torn Write Prevention for EC2 I4i instances, EBS, and Amazon RDS – empty

AWS Application Migration Service supports application-centric migrations, wave planning, and more – empty

AWS Backup launches application-aware data protection for applications defined using AWS CloudFormation – empty

AWS Backup Audit Manager adds centralized reporting for AWS Organizations – empty

AWS Backup launches delegation of organization-wide backup administration – empty

AWS Backup adds legal hold capability for extended data retention beyond lifecycle policies – empty

AWS Backup introduces support for Amazon Redshift – empty

AWS CloudTrail Lake now supports configuration items from AWS Config – empty

AWS Compute Optimizer now supports external metrics from observability partners – empty

AWS Config rules now support proactive compliance – empty

Introducing account customization within AWS Control Tower – empty

Announcing comprehensive controls management with AWS Control Tower (Preview) – empty

Announcing AWS Data Exchange for Amazon S3 (Preview) – empty

Announcing AWS Data Exchange for AWS Lake Formation (Preview) – empty

Announcing Schema Conversion feature in AWS DMS – empty

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery now supports cross-Region and cross-Availability Zone failback – empty

AWS Glue for Apache Spark Native support for Data Lake Frameworks (Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, Delta Lake) – empty

AWS Glue introduces custom visual transforms – empty

AWS Glue announces AWS Glue Data Quality (Preview) – empty

Announcing AWS Glue for Ray (Preview) – empty

Introducing AWS Graviton Delivery Partners – empty

AWS IoT Core announces new Device Location feature – empty

AWS IoT Device Management Jobs now supports scheduling configuration – empty

AWS IoT announces general availability for version 5 of MQTT message broker (MQTT5) – empty

AWS KMS launches External Key Store – empty

Announcing AWS Lambda SnapStart for Java functions – empty

Announcing the general availability of AWS Local Zones in Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Muscat. – empty

AWS Machine Learning University announces educator enablement program for higher education – empty

AWS Marketplace for containers now supports direct deployment to EKS clusters – empty

Announcing AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights to help streamline vendor risk assessments – empty

AWS Nitro Enclaves now supports Amazon EKS and Kubernetes – empty

Announcing delegated administrator for AWS Organizations – empty

Announcing availability of AWS Outposts in Qatar, Guatemala, and Trinidad & Tobago – empty

Announcing AWS SimSpace Weaver – empty

Announcing AWS Supply Chain (Preview) – empty

Announcing the preview of AWS Verified Access – empty

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect now provides conversational analytics for chat – empty

Announcing data protection in Amazon CloudWatch Logs, helping you detect, and protect sensitive data-in-transit – empty

Amazon Elastic File System introduces 1-Day Lifecycle Management Policy to help customers reduce costs for cold data sets – empty

Elastic Load Balancing capabilities for application availability – empty

Introducing Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) Express for Amazon EC2 instances – empty

Announcing the general availability of AWS Wickr – empty

Introducing Amazon EC2 C6in instances – empty

Introducing Amazon EC2 R7iz instances – empty

Introducing AWS AI Service Cards – a new resource for responsible AI – empty

Introducing AWS Glue 4.0 – empty

Introducing AWS Glue Delivery – empty

Launch Amazon SageMaker Autopilot experiments from Amazon SageMaker Pipelines to easily automate MLOps workflows – empty

Announcing the availability of Microsoft Office Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) on Amazon EC2 with AWS provided licenses – empty

AWS Network Manager introduces real-time performance monitoring for the AWS Global Network – empty

Announcing a new generation of Amazon FSx for OpenZFS file systems – empty

Introducing new ML governance tools for Amazon SageMaker – empty

Announcing real-time capabilities in Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics API to improve customer experience – empty

Deploy SageMaker Data Wrangler for real-time and batch inference and additional configurations to processing jobs – empty

Announcing Trusted Language Extensions for PostgreSQL on Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS – empty

Amazon Comprehend announces support for classification and entity extraction directly from a variety of document formats – empty

Amazon Comprehend announces support for semi-structured document processing – empty

Amazon EventBridge Pipes is now generally available – empty

Amazon GameLift now supports customer-managed compute with GameLift Anywhere – empty

Announcing Amazon CodeCatalyst (Preview) – empty

Introducing AWS Application Composer (Preview) – empty

AWS re:Post streamlines customers’ community engagement with AWS Builder ID and re:Post Linked logins – empty

AWS Step Functions launches large-scale parallel workflows for data processing and serverless applications – empty

Accelerate Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker Ready Partners – empty

Accenture’s Unified Agent Portal on AWS Improves Customer Experience and Reduces Operational Cost – empty

Achieving Sustainable IT Through Elasticity with IBM Turbonomic and AWS – empty

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Announcing the AWS Regional 2022 Partners of the Year for Europe, Middle East, and Africa – empty

AWS Partner Profitability Framework: Deepen and Diversify Your Offerings – empty

Build Real-Time Streaming Analytics and Event-Driven Architecture with Amazon MSK Delivery Partners – empty

Centrally Manage SAP HANA Database Backup Through the AWS Backup Console – empty

Digitalize Your Factory Performance on AWS with Metrodata Electronics – empty

Discover, Prepare, and Integrate Data at Scale with AWS Glue Delivery Partners – empty

How Cognizant Built a Virtual Life Insurance Sales Environment on Unqork’s Codeless Platform – empty

How Formula 1 is Accelerating Streaming with Accenture Video Solution – empty

How Provectus Built a High-Load Data Quality Pipeline on AWS for Lane Health – empty

How the AWS Executive Briefing Center Gets Real-Time Inventory and Asset Data with CloudRail and AWS IoT | AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog – empty

IBM Consulting Platform Services on AWS Supports Automated and Intelligent Cloud Operations – empty

Implement High-Quality Chatbot Solutions with AWS Conversational AI Competency Partners – empty

New AWS Partner Program Launches and Updates Announced at re:Invent 2022 – empty

Operational Analytics with MongoDB Atlas and Amazon Redshift – empty

Optimize Cost and Performance with Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Partners – empty

Optimize Price Performance for Amazon EC2 Workloads with AWS Graviton Delivery Partners – empty

Securing the 5G Network on AWS with Palo Alto Networks – empty

Teradata Vantage Real-Time API Integration with Amazon SageMaker Endpoints – empty

Understand and Prioritize Risk Amplifiers Within Your Cloud with AWS Services and Sonrai Dig – empty

Unleash Mainframe Applications by Augmenting New Channels on AWS with IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack – empty

Optimize your modern data architecture for sustainability: Part 2 – unified data governance, data movement, and purpose-built analytics – empty

AWS Compute Optimizer launches integration with application performance monitoring and observability partners – empty

How to track your cost optimization KPIs with the KPI Dashboard – empty

Trending topics from the AWS re:Invent CFM kiosk – empty

Amazon Connect – New ML-Powered Capabilities for Forecasting, Capacity Planning, Scheduling, and Agent Empowerment – empty

Amazon Inspector Now Scans AWS Lambda Functions for Vulnerabilities – empty

Announcing Additional Data Connectors for Amazon AppFlow – empty

Announcing Amazon CodeCatalyst (preview), a Unified Software Development Service – empty

Announcing Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters – empty

Announcing AWS KMS External Key Store (XKS) – empty

Automated Data Discovery for Amazon Macie – empty

Automated in-AWS Failback for AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery – empty

AWS Application Migration Service Major Updates – New Migration Servers Grouping, Updated Launch, and Post-Launch Template – empty

AWS Machine Learning University New Educator Enablement Program to Build Diverse Talent for ML/AI Jobs – empty

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights – Simplify Third-Party Software Risk Assessments – empty

AWS Verified Access Preview — VPN-less Secure Network Access to Corporate Applications – empty

AWS Wickr – A Secure, End-to-End Encrypted Communication Service For Enterprises With Auditing And Regulatory Requirements – empty

Classifying and Extracting Mortgage Loan Data with Amazon Textract – empty

Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor Preview – End-to-End Visibility into Internet Performance for your Applications – empty

Introducing Amazon GameLift Anywhere – Run Your Game Servers on Your Own Infrastructure – empty

Introducing Amazon Omics – A Purpose-Built Service to Store, Query, and Analyze Genomic and Biological Data at Scale – empty

Introducing VPC Lattice – Simplify Networking for Service-to-Service Communication (Preview) – empty

Join the Preview – AWS Glue Data Quality – empty

New – A Fully Managed Schema Conversion in AWS Database Migration Service – empty

New – Accelerate Your Lambda Functions with Lambda SnapStart – empty

New — Amazon Athena for Apache Spark – empty

New – Amazon CloudWatch Cross-Account Observability – empty

New – Amazon EC2 Hpc6id Instances Optimized for High Performance Computing – empty

New Amazon EC2 Instance Types In the Works – C7gn, R7iz, and Hpc7g – empty

New – Amazon ECS Service Connect Enabling Easy Communication Between Microservices – empty

New Amazon QuickSight API Capabilities to Accelerate Your BI Transformation – empty

New – Amazon RDS Optimized Reads and Optimized Writes – empty

New – Amazon Redshift Integration with Apache Spark – empty

New – Amazon Redshift Support in AWS Backup – empty

New — Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler Supports SaaS Applications as Data Sources – empty

New – Announcing Amazon EFS Elastic Throughput – empty

New – Announcing Automated Data Preparation for Amazon QuickSight Q – empty

New – AWS Config Rules Now Support Proactive Compliance – empty

New AWS Glue 4.0 – New and Updated Engines, More Data Formats, and More – empty

New – AWS Marketplace for Containers Now Supports Direct Deployment to Amazon EKS Clusters – empty

New AWS SimSpace Weaver–Run Large-Scale Spatial Simulations in the Cloud – empty

New — Create and Share Operational Reports at Scale with Amazon QuickSight Paginated Reports – empty

New — Create Point-to-Point Integrations Between Event Producers and Consumers with Amazon EventBridge Pipes – empty

New – ENA Express: Improved Network Latency and Per-Flow Performance on EC2 – empty

New – Failover Controls for Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Points – empty

New for Amazon Redshift – General Availability of Streaming Ingestion for Kinesis Data Streams and Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka – empty

New for Amazon Redshift – Simplify Data Ingestion and Make Your Data Warehouse More Secure and Reliable – empty

New for Amazon SageMaker – Perform Shadow Tests to Compare Inference Performance Between ML Model Variants – empty

New for Amazon Transcribe – Real-Time Analytics During Live Calls – empty

New for AWS Backup – Protect and Restore Your CloudFormation Stacks – empty

New for AWS Control Tower – Comprehensive Controls Management (Preview) – empty

New – Fully Managed Blue/Green Deployments in Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS – empty

New General Purpose, Compute Optimized, and Memory-Optimized Amazon EC2 Instances with Higher Packet-Processing Performance – empty

New — Introducing Support for Real-Time and Batch Inference in Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler – empty

New ML Governance Tools for Amazon SageMaker – Simplify Access Control and Enhance Transparency Over Your ML Projects – empty

New – Redesigned UI for Amazon SageMaker Studio – empty

New – Share ML Models and Notebooks More Easily Within Your Organization with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart – empty

New – Trusted Language Extensions for PostgreSQL on Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS – empty

Next Generation SageMaker Notebooks – Now with Built-in Data Preparation, Real-Time Collaboration, and Notebook Automation – empty

Now – Process PDFs, Word Documents, and Images with Amazon Comprehend for IDP – empty

Preview: Amazon OpenSearch Serverless – Run Search and Analytics Workloads without Managing Clusters – empty

Preview: Amazon Security Lake – A Purpose-Built Customer-Owned Data Lake Service – empty

Preview: Use Amazon SageMaker to Build, Train, and Deploy ML Models Using Geospatial Data – empty

Protect Sensitive Data with Amazon CloudWatch Logs – empty

Step Functions Distributed Map – A Serverless Solution for Large-Scale Parallel Data Processing – empty

Top Announcements of AWS re:Invent 2022 – empty

AWS Marketplace at re:Invent: Know before you go – empty

AWS Marketplace re:Invent sessions, December 1 – empty

AWS Marketplace re:Invent sessions, November 28 – empty

AWS Marketplace re:Invent sessions, November 29 – empty

AWS Marketplace re:Invent sessions, November 30 – empty

Using Cribl Stream on AWS Control Tower with Account Factory Customization – empty

Deploy Datadog’s AWS Integration into new accounts using AWS Control Tower Account Factory Customization – empty

Integrating third-party data into your data mesh – empty

Centrally manage access and permissions for Amazon Redshift data sharing with AWS Lake Formation – empty

Create advanced insights using level-aware calculations in Amazon QuickSight – empty

Data: The genesis for modern invention – empty

Explore your data lake using Amazon Athena for Apache Spark – empty

Introducing AWS Glue with Ray: Scaling your data integration workloads using Python – empty

Introducing the Cloud Shuffle Storage Plugin for Apache Spark – empty

Log analytics the easy way with Amazon OpenSearch Serverless – empty

New analytical questions available in Amazon QuickSight Q: “Why” and “Forecast” – empty

Run queries concurrently and see query history using Amazon Redshift Query Editor v2 – empty

Scale AWS SDK for pandas workloads with AWS Glue for Ray – empty

Simplify data loading on the Amazon Redshift console with Informatica Data Loader – empty

AWS Announces AWS Supply Chain – empty

AWS Local Zones and AWS Outposts, choosing the right technology for your edge workload – empty

Enabling load-balancing of non-HTTP(s) traffic on AWS Wavelength – empty

Introducing new AWS Serverless digital learning badges – empty

Monitoring shared AWS Outposts rack capacity – empty

Reducing Java cold starts on AWS Lambda functions with SnapStart – empty

Starting up faster with AWS Lambda SnapStart – empty

Visualize and create your serverless workloads with AWS Application Composer – empty

Build a multi-region resilient contact center with Amazon Connect global resiliency – empty

Create, update, and check the status of Amazon Connect Cases using Amazon Connect Contact Flows – empty

Getting started with step-by-step guides for the Amazon Connect agent workspace – empty

Leverage conversational analytics for chat interactions using Contact Lens for Amazon Connect – empty

Happy 5th birthday, AWS Fargate! – empty

Kubernetes Sessions at AWS re:Invent 2022 – empty

Managing Pod Security on Amazon EKS with Kyverno – empty

Microservices development using AWS controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) and Amazon EKS blueprints – empty

Transparent encryption of node to node traffic on Amazon EKS using WireGuard and Cilium – empty

Simplify managing access to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis clusters with IAM – empty

AWS EUC @re:Invent: Create an online software trial with Amazon AppStream 2.0 – empty

AWS EUC @re:Invent: Day 1 – empty

AWS EUC @re:Invent: Day 2 – empty

AWS EUC @re:Invent: Day 3 – empty

AWS EUC @re:Invent: Day 4 – empty

AWS EUC @re:Invent: What is Amazon WorkSpaces Core? – empty

BloomIP Automatically Identifies production issues with Amazon DevOps Guru – empty

Journey to adopt Cloud-Native DevOps platform Series #1: OfferUp modernized DevOps platform with Amazon EKS and Flagger to accelerate time to market – empty

New AWS Survey Finds Cloud Solutions Are Top Of Mind for Game Developers in 2023 – empty

Accelerate embedded software development using QNX® Neutrino® OS on Amazon EC2 GravitonAWS – empty

Accelerating SDV development with KPIT Cloud-Native Engineering Workbench on AWS – empty

Amazon HealthLake Imaging Partners – empty

Amazon Omics launches with broad support from ISV and Consulting Partners – empty

Automated End-to-End Genomics Data Storage and Analysis using Amazon Omics – empty

Epic Games launches RealityScan app on AWS; announces 2M MetaHumans milestone at re:Invent – empty

Introducing AWS for Advertising & Marketing: Helping customers reinvent the industry with purpose-built services, solutions, and partners – empty

Part 1: Introducing Amazon Omics—from sequence data to insights, securely and at scale – empty

Introducing new MQTTv5 features for AWS IoT Core to help build flexible architecture patterns – empty

Introducing the new AWS IoT Core Device Location feature to support Asset Tracking solutions – empty

AI21 Jurassic-1 foundation model is now available on Amazon SageMaker – empty

AWS Unveils New AI Service Features and Enhancements at re:Invent 2022 – empty

Build an agronomic data platform with Amazon SageMaker geospatial capabilities – empty

Define customized permissions in minutes with Amazon SageMaker Role Manager – empty

Deploy an MLOps solution that hosts your model endpoints in AWS Lambda – empty

Enterprise administrative controls, simple sign-up, and expanded programming language support for Amazon CodeWhisperer – empty

How xarvio Digital Farming Solutions accelerates its development with Amazon SageMaker geospatial capabilities – empty

Illustrative notebooks in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart – empty

Improve governance of your machine learning models with Amazon SageMaker – empty

Interactive data prep widget for notebooks powered by Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler – empty

Introducing Amazon Kendra tabular search for HTML Documents – empty

Introducing AWS AI Service Cards: A new resource to enhance transparency and advance responsible AI – empty

Launch Amazon SageMaker Autopilot experiments directly from within Amazon SageMaker Pipelines to easily automate MLOps workflows – empty

Minimize the production impact of ML model updates with Amazon SageMaker shadow testing – empty

Operationalize your Amazon SageMaker Studio notebooks as scheduled notebook jobs – empty

Optimize hyperparameters with Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning – empty

Organize machine learning development using shared spaces in SageMaker Studio for real-time collaboration – empty

Protecting Consumers and Promoting Innovation – AI Regulation and Building Trust in Responsible AI – empty

Run notebooks as batch jobs in Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab – empty

Separate lines of business or teams with multiple Amazon SageMaker domains – empty

Stability AI builds foundation models on Amazon SageMaker – empty

Jon Landau, Academy Award-winning producer, and David Conley of Weta FX join AWS at re:Invent – empty

Use AWS CDK v2 with the AWS Amplify CLI extensibility features (beta) – empty

Announcing AWS CloudTrail Lake integration with AWS Config – empty

AWS Service Catalog Account Factory-Enhanced – empty

Build EC2 Image Builder container images locally – empty

How to import migrated Amazon EC2 instances into infrastructure code – empty

What’s new in AWS Observability at re:Invent 2022 – empty

Implementing long-running TCP Connections within VPC networking – empty

Introducing Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor – empty

Rapidly recover from application failures in a single AZ – empty

Amazon and George Mason University collaborate to deliver new innovations in education and research – empty

Announcing the 2022-2023 AWS IMAGINE Grant winners – empty

Announcing nine startups selected to participate in the AWS Sustainable Cities Accelerator for Infrastructure – empty

AWS successfully runs AWS compute and machine learning services on an orbiting satellite in a first-of-its kind space experiment – empty

Protect critical services with new Continuity of Government IT on AWS solution guide – empty

Thinking bigger about what’s possible and customer-driven innovation: re:Invent 2022 public sector leadership session with Max Peterson recap – empty

Now available: New AWS program supporting nonprofit donor and member engagement – empty

Introducing the Amazon Braket Algorithm Library – empty

Quantum Monte Carlo on Quantum Computers – empty

Suppressing errors with dynamical decoupling using pulse control on Amazon Braket – empty

ANT61 accelerates reinforcement learning for space robots using AWS – empty

AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge: Control without compromise – empty

Deploy AWS Organizations resources by using CloudFormation – empty

Get the best out of Amazon Verified Permissions by using fine-grained authorization methods – empty

How to use Amazon Macie to preview sensitive data in S3 buckets – empty

Use Amazon Macie for automatic, continual, and cost-effective discovery of sensitive data in S3 – empty

Dive into interactive learning built for your industry with AWS Industry Quest – empty

Upskilling Asia Pacific to stay competitive in the digital economy – empty


Feeling overwhelmed by WAF alerts and updates? Here’s a little magic to kick off your week: Fortinet Managed Rules for AWS WAF, powered by threat intelligence from the cybersecurity experts at FortiGuard Labs, lets you boost your WAF with the latest threat protection in mere minutes.

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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