First, I have a request for help in the tools section of this newsletter; if you have an answer, please whack reply. Also, I’m speaking at Tailscale Up in San Francisco next week; my talk is called "The Managed NAT Gateway Time Machine," so it’s likely relevant to your interests if you’re reading this.

From the Community

An experience report about how Bytewax detects anomalies in their AWS infrastructure. Personally I’ve gotten to a point where I can smell it in the bill…

TechCrunch covers the excellent deterministic pricing option for Aurora.

AWS Lambda Adopts Java 17. Personally I’d have taken it back to the orphanage.


Last Week In AWS: EC2 Wars 1: The Phantom NAT Gateway

Last Week In AWS: SCPs Are Not For Me..s?

Screaming in the Cloud: Authenticity in Tech Journalism with Tom Krazit

Screaming in the Cloud: Simplifying Cloud Migration Strategy at Tidal with David Colebatch

Choice Cuts

AWS announces Amazon Aurora I/O-Optimized – Oh yes indeed. This boosts the hourly cost but in return it doesn’t charge you 20 cents per million IO operations anymore. Some customers are seeing this represent half of their Aurora bill! This is a great enhancement; if you need it you probably already know. I just wish it didn’t require MySQL 8…

AWS Cost Categories now supports “Usage Type” dimension – I hope there’s a usage type labeled "ill advised." I want to apply that to a few things…

Retiring the AWS Documentation on GitHub – Good on AWS for both recognizing when something isn’t working as they’d planned and reversing course, and also for not presenting documentation errors as customers’ responsibility to fix.

Peloton embraces Amazon Redshift to unlock the power of data during changing times – Well that definitely explains why Peloton keeps posting huge losses every quarter…

Motivations for migration to Amazon DynamoDB – A who’s who of DynamoDB customers explain their motivation for moving to DynamoDB. Not a single one was honest with the real reason: résumé driven development.

Neo Financial achieves Zero Trust goals and meets compliance requirements with Amazon WorkSpaces Web – Congratulations to Neo Financial on achieving the coveted status of "nobody on the planet trusts you."

Introducing AWS GameTime – a new AWS Twitch show – So much effort and time and production value went into this, when with a few tweaks the premise could have been so much more gripping. Make it an actual gameshow!

Unlock Insights from your Amazon S3 data with intelligent search – This implies the existence of Moron Search, which is probably powered by Bing.

How to test email sending and monitoring – "Yo, do me a favor and reply if you got this message."

Estimating AWS Config recorder costs and usage using AWS CloudTrail – Look, I’m not saying that AWS Config is expensive. I’m saying that CloudTrail data events are expensive, but by my quick math on this every 10¢ in CloudTrail cost that you incur for Config events means you just spent $300 on AWS Config.

Creating a strategic approach to government continuity – Perfectly normal society where a giant megacorporation is explaining to governments how to ensure continuity. Nothing to worry about here…


I need to go diving once again into VPC Flow Logs to figure out what’s being chatty in a customer’s account; does anyone have a tool or approach they like more than AWS’s VPC Flow Logs lab project? Remember, I can’t spin up resources higgeldy-piggeldy in my customer’s accounts for a variety of excellent reasons, I just have the logs.

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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