Good Morning!

Another week has come and gone. I’ll be heading to Google Cloud Next in Las Vegas next week; Tuesday evening I’m hosting my usual Atomic Liquors drinkup starting at 7PM; hope to see some of you there.

From the Community

Casey Liss discovers what so many of us already have: that Tailscale is awesome.

Redis has relicensed, and now the Battle of the Redis forks can commence. It looks like the Linux Foundation backed Valkey is going to be the clear winner: endorsed by AWS, Google, and Oracle, along with a number of influential Redis maintainers.


Last Week In AWS: Cancel Recent Savings Plan Purchases

Screaming in the Cloud: The Current State of Serverless with Kristi Perreault

Choice Cuts

AI recommendations for descriptions in Amazon DataZone now generally available – Amazon DataZone introduces AI recommendations, because nothing says "trustworthy data management" like Amazon — famed for its impeccable recommendations such as "buy our other 16 products." Now you too can experience the sheer frustration of irrelevant suggestions, only this time with your data!

Amazon DynamoDB Import from S3 now supports up to 50,000 Amazon S3 objects in a single bulk import – Huh, this turns DynamoDB import into something that looks a lot more like an ETL processor. I confess I’d never viewed it in that particular light before. Man, does that change what the service could be used for…

Amazon Time Sync Service now supports microsecond-accurate time in US East (N. Virginia) Region – Ooh, it finally made it to a second region beyond its initial launch in Tokyo. I’ve been waiting for this… it’s about time.

AWS Billing and Cost Management Data Exports now supports AWS CloudFormation – Cloudformation, Tagging, and Billing are the trifecta of "hard to get it right at launch" for AWS services.

AWS Compute Optimizer introduces memory customizability for EC2 rightsizing recommendations – Ooh, this is a big deal. It’s been able to ingest memory metrics for a while now, but this release lets you tell it how to reason about memory requirements in ways that may take actual app behaviors into account.

AWS Cost Allocation Tags now support retroactive application – This is amazing, but still a bit limited. To be clear, the tag has to have been assigned to a resource historically; this change just treats it as a cost allocation tag when you enable it for that tag, retroactively. I don’t think the other way would be entirely possible…

Estimating the charges for Amazon RDS Extended Support – This is a blog post that shows you how to do arithmetic. That’s okay; it’s 90% of what I do over at The Duckbill Group… I also endorse being charged extra if you don’t keep your infrastructure patched to current…

Amazon completes $4B Anthropic investment to advance generative AI – AWS continues to compete in the only realm of GenerativeAI that matters to it: competing with its peers. In this example they’re competing with Google over who can throw more money at Anthropic. It’s Google’s turn next!


I like this EC2 instance price api. I already used it this week to do a quick comparison of an instance type’s cost between all regions.

You might not want to use this Open-source cloud Certificate Authority if you, say, work at a bank–but if you need a bunch of certs for your own Kubernetes cluster or whatnot< It seems like a great idea to me.

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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