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This issue is sponsored in part by my friends at ChaosSearch! As you know, running log analysis with Elasticsearch at scale can be unstable, relentlessly time-sucking and surprisingly expensive. Now try ChaosSearch – a fully managed log analytics platform that delivers the Elasticsearch API you love, with built-in Kibana, but with No ElasticSearch under the hood! ChaosSearch activates your Amazon S3 as a true data lake, for analytics at scale, with no data movement, no data retention limits and savings of up to 80% vs an ELK Stack. In fact with ChaosSearch, you can start with 3 easy steps: Store, Connect & Analyze. So start experiencing insights at scale from ALL of your data (and tell them I sent you)! Sponsored

Examining the architecture – Ad Hoc – empty

How to set up Jenkins on AWS? | cloudonaut – empty

Fast access to regional AWS endpoints from Cloudflare Workers – No – empty

ClickOps – empty

Troy Hunt: How I Got Pwned by My Cloud Costs – empty


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Silk is Amazon’s Chromium based web browser used by millions of customers across Fire Tablet, TV, an Echo show. Our teams are looking for engineers to build the “next big thing” to make web browsing easier for our customers instead of the stale browser experience everyone knows today. We’re innovating with AWS ML to make browsing easier for customers. We have separate opportunities to grow your skills designing and releasing services at Amazon scale, delivering a customer obsessed Fire OS client experience, and managing the complexity of integrating open source Chromium with our own unique features. As a Silk engineer you will directly influence the technical design and vision of your team, positively impacting the experience of customers across the globe. Come join us as part of a fast-growing platform, with millions of users and a growing Amazon devices ecosystem!

Nebulaworks is a software engineering firm founded, built, and managed by engineers, for engineers. Our mission is to create high-performance engineering teams where members are inspired to collaborate openly, incentivized to gather new knowledge and skills, and value simplicity when solving difficult problems. We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about being a force multiplier, enabling our customers to unlock their high-performing team potential. If you love Linux, open-source, and value driving all changes through version control we’re currently hiring Sr. Software Engineers, come introduce yourself!

At Modern Treasury, we are building payments infrastructure to power $750 trillion in bank transfers every year. Before Modern Treasury there has never been a universal API into the global banking system. Our ambition is to be the de facto standard for money movement for the world’s most innovative and fastest growing companies. Our customers use our APIs to automate payouts, direct debits, balance tracking and other payments use cases at scale. Join our engineering team at Modern Treasury to help build the new foundation of business and finance.

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MinIO offers high-performance, S3 compatible object storage. Native to Kubernetes, MinIO is the only object storage suite available on every public cloud, every Kubernetes distribution, the private cloud and the edge. MinIO is software-defined and is 100% open source under GNU AGPL v3. Check them out today! Sponsored

This one isn’t going to cost you anything. Kubestack is an open source online tool that helps you generate a Kubernetes base platform in Terraform without having to spend months on being responsible about it — or else, having to go back and retrofit code to what you’ve already built through the miracle of ClickOps. It now features a “tell it what you want” configuration wizard around a whole bunch of different variables (cloud providers, whether you want single or multiple clusters, etc.) and spits out Terraform code that’s ready to throw into your environment — faster than you can write it yourself. Check it out and let me know what you think; remember, it doesn’t cost you anything! Sponsored

Amazon AppFlow now supports bi-directional transfer of data between SAP applications and AWS – It’s good to know that you can now use this service to transfer data both the expensive way as well as the more expensive way.

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) now offers a free trial – You can now try before you buy Amazon Basics MongoDB.

Amazon S3 File Gateway adds schedule-based network bandwidth throttling – “Don’t smash the network bandwidth to bits while your employees are attempting to watch Netflix” is just being neighborly.

AWS announces the launch of prediction explanations for Amazon Fraud Detector Models – Bias Laundering now has an indicator light when it enters the spin cycle.

Announcing the New AWS Partner Creative and Messaging Guide – AWS wisely gates this behind the partner portal. They didn’t always, and found themselves being soundly mocked by half of the internet when it came to light that gems such as “don’t use the term ‘multi-cloud” and “don’t imply that the cloud is expensive” were contained therein. I’m not a partner, so I don’t know if those things are still included these days.

Scaling Global Connectivity for VMware Cloud on AWS – empty

Minimizing Dependencies in a Disaster Recovery Plan – empty

New – Amazon EC2 X2iezn Instances Powered by the Fastest Intel Xeon Scalable CPU for Memory-Intensive Workloads – It’s telling that a launch post about instances carrying a terabyte and a half of RAM never mention pricing or cost, which is “give AWS your wallet, they’ll give you back whatever’s left.”

New – Replication for Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) – empty

Planning I/O in Amazon Aurora – This may be the most in-depth first party writeup on how Aurora I/O is billed and calculated that I’ve seen. Where was this years ago?!

Use Docker containers to deploy Graph Notebooks on AWS – I spy, with my little eye, yet another way to run containers on AWS.

How Piepacker leverages Amazon Chime to reinvent “Couch Gaming” – I am relieved to know that “Piepacker” is an AWS customer, and not an AWS service name. At this point all bets are off.

How to defend your games against DDoS attacks – Amazon effectively defended its game “Crucible” against DDoS attacks by wisely cancelling the entire thing before it launched.

Securing media content using watermarking at the edge – Well that’s all well and good, Professor – but what if I want to watermark my content in the center instead so people can’t crop out the watermark? What then?

How to search through your AWS Systems Manager Session Manager console logs – Part 2 – The fact that it’s complex enough to need a part 2 is how I know, even without reading it, that this experience is going to be a living nightmare.

Use Amazon Cloud Watch math expressions and composite alarms for detailed monitoring of AWS Elastic Load Balancers – This solution is borderline ridiculous, but I do appreciate it breaking “CloudWatch” into two separate words in the title.

Creating Disaster Recovery Mechanisms Using Amazon Route 53 – empty

Introducing the AWS Cloud Map Multicluster Service Controller for K8s for Kubernetes Multicluster Service Discovery – There is absolutely nothing I can say about this service launch that will roast AWS harder than this ridiculous, ridiculous service name already has.

Solving medical mysteries in the AWS Cloud: Medical data-sharing innovation through the Undiagnosed Diseases Network – I really hope that “Solving medical mysteries in the AWS Cloud” becomes a recurring feature, because data transfer pricing is killing me.

How to automate AWS account creation with SSO user assignment – Ever notice how posts like this never bother to touch upon how you’d go about deprovisioning those “tens or hundreds of AWS accounts?” It’s non-trivial and shorthands to “the worst internship of your life.”

How to deploy AWS Network Firewall to help protect your network from malware – empty

Competitive tennis player turned techie – Zaiba’s AWS Tech U Story – In tech, “competitive tennis” generally refers to smacking a JIRA ticket over to another group, then returning it to them once they volley it back over the wall. Whoever gets stuck with it has to fix it. – empty


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