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This issue is sponsored in part by my friends at ChaosSearch! As you know, running log analysis with Elasticsearch at scale can be unstable, relentlessly time-sucking and surprisingly expensive. Now try ChaosSearch – a fully managed log analytics platform that delivers the Elasticsearch API you love, with built-in Kibana, but with No ElasticSearch under the hood! ChaosSearch activates your Amazon S3 as a true data lake, for analytics at scale, with no data movement, no data retention limits and savings of up to 80% vs an ELK Stack. In fact with ChaosSearch, you can start with 3 easy steps: Store, Connect & Analyze. So start experiencing insights at scale from ALL of your data (and tell them I sent you)! Sponsored

The Complete History of AWS Outages | AWS Maniac – empty

Can AWS re:Post replace stackoverflow? – DEV Community – empty

2021 re:Invent Slackchat (with a guest appearance from Corey Quinn) – Alt + E S V – empty

A Biased Opinion on AWS Backup for VMware – empty


If you’ve got an interesting job for this newsletter’s eminently employable subscribers, get in touch!

Truss is a distributed-first, software consultancy that cares about communication, inclusivity, and modern software development practices. We push the envelope on building efficient technology that improves people’s lives. Currently, we’re seeking stellar Infrastructure Engineers and Sr. Infrastructure Engineers to help us with commercial and government contracts.

The AWS Commerce Platform team is responsible for making our solutions available to customers with custom-made pricing and billing models, as well as providing functionality that allows our service teams to securely accept payments. We run massively-scaled services that enable our customers to transform their business by managing, controlling, and optimizing their IT costs. Our team is revolutionizing the way IT services are bought and sold around the world. As part of the AWS Commerce Platform team, you’ll work with a small, autonomous group that operates at the highest scale, from design to launch. You’ll have the opportunity to build products and deliver high-value features that will be used by developers, IT personnel, financial analysts, and business owners all over the world. Our team is passionate about career development through mentorship, training, and upskilling. We also support flexible schedules to help our team achieve a better work-life balance.

As a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) you will be working on the Sendcloud platform. That platform is used by our software development teams to build, test, deploy and run software themselves. Currently, we have 9 development teams and we will grow to 20 next year.The platform consists of a cloud infrastructure on AWS, the application platform on top of that (e.g. observability solutions) and the building blocks (e.g. CI templates). As a part of the SRE team your goal is to make the product development teams fully independent with a self-service, scalable platform. You will co-work with the Backend Engineers from development teams, making sure they know how to use the platform, and taking their feedback into account for further improvements.

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Say goodbye to flaky builds and hard to scale CI systems with Buildkite, a CI/CD system that’s actually fun to use. Buildkite’s open source build agent can be deployed, scaled and secured inside your AWS accounts… allowing you to have fast and stable build pipelines for every team in your organization. See why some of the best teams are replacing their legacy CI/CD systems with Buildkite. Sponsored

You know how git works, right? “Sorta!” you respond. “Kinda! Not really. Please ask someone else!” That’s all of us. Git is how we build things, and Netlify is one of the best ways I’ve found to build those things quickly for the web. Netlify’s git-based workflows mean that you don’t have to play slap and tickle with integrating arcane nonsense and webhooks (which are themselves about as well understood as git). Give them a try, and see what folks ranging from my fake “Twitter for Pets” startup to global Fortune 2000 companies are raving about. If you end up talking to them (because you don’t have to; they get why self-service is important!) be sure to tell them that I sent you, and watch all of the blood drain from their faces instantly. You can find them in the AWS Marketplace, or at Sponsored

Introducing Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Insights (Preview) – empty

Introducing Amazon CloudWatch RUM for monitoring applications’ client-side performance – empty

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer now detects hardcoded secrets in Java and Python repositories – empty

Amazon Connect releases unified agent application to improve agent experience and customer interactions – empty

Announcing new Amazon EC2 Im4gn and Is4gen instances powered by AWS Graviton2 processors – empty

Announcing Amazon Kinesis Data Streams On-Demand – empty

Introducing Amazon MSK Serverless in public preview – empty

Amazon WorkSpaces introduces Amazon WorkSpaces Web – empty

AWS AI for data analytics (AIDA) partner solutions – empty

AWS Backup adds support for VMware workloads – empty

AWS Compute Optimizer now offers enhanced infrastructure metrics, a new feature for EC2 recommendations – empty

AWS Control Tower now provides controls to meet data residency requirements – empty

New connectivity software, AWS IoT ExpressLink, accelerates IoT development (Preview) – empty

AWS IoT SiteWise now supports hot and cold storage tiers for industrial data – empty

AWS Lake Formation support Governed Tables, storage optimization and row-level security – empty

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect announces new machine-learning powered call summarization – empty

Deny services and operations for AWS Regions of your choice with AWS Control Tower – empty

New Greengrass Software Catalog with several new components makes it easier to build IoT edge applications – empty

Introducing recommenders optimized to deliver personalized experiences for Media & Entertainment and Retail with Amazon Personalize – empty

Amazon Aurora R6g instances, powered by AWS Graviton2 processors, are now available in Europe (Milan), Europe (Paris), and Europe (Stockholm) Regions – empty

Amazon Comprehend Medical adds support for SNOMED CT and reduces pricing across all APIs by up to 90% – empty

Amazon DevOps Guru introduces enhanced analysis for Amazon Aurora databases and support for AWS tags as an application boundary – empty

Announcing Amazon DevOps Guru for RDS, an ML-powered capability that automatically detects and diagnoses performance and operational issues within Amazon Aurora – empty

Amazon EC2 C5n instances now available in Africa (Cape Town) Region – empty

Amazon Fraud Detector is now in scope for AWS SOC Reports – empty

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP reduces minimum file system throughput capacity to 128 MB/s – empty

Amazon Kendra launches Experience Builder, Search Analytics Dashboard, and Custom Document Enrichment – empty

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics is now available in the Asia Pacific (Osaka) and Africa (Cape Town) regions. – empty

Amazon Location Service adds metadata help customers reduce costs – empty

Amazon Location adds Suggestion capability – empty

Amazon Pinpoint now includes a one-time password (OTP) management feature – empty

Amazon Polly introduces Takumi, a new neural Japanese male voice – empty

Announcing Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server – empty

Amazon RDS for MariaDB supports new minor versions 10.5.13, 10.4.22, 10.3.32, 10.2.41 – empty

Amazon Redshift announces preview of Automated Materialized View – empty

Amazon Redshift launches RA3 self-service RI migration feature in the Amazon Redshift Console. – empty

Amazon Redshift launches single-node RA3.xlplus cluster – empty

Amazon Redshift announces support for VARBYTE data type – empty

Amazon Route 53 updates API actions – empty

Amazon S3 File Gateway enables administrators to force the closing of locked files – empty

Amazon S3 File Gateway now supports NFS file share auditing – empty

Introducing Amazon SageMaker Inference Recommender – empty

Amazon SageMaker Pipelines now integrates with SageMaker Model Monitor and SageMaker Clarify – empty

Amazon SageMaker Studio now enables interactive data preparation and machine learning at scale within a single universal notebook through built-in integration with Amazon EMR – empty

Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab (currently in preview), a free, no-configuration ML service – empty

Amazon Textract announces specialized support for automated processing of identity documents – empty

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) announces IP Address Manager (IPAM) to help simplify IP address management on AWS – empty

AWS WAF adds support for CloudWatch Log and logging directly to S3 bucket – empty

AWS App2Container(A2C) now supports containerization of .NET Core / .NET 5 applications – empty

AWS Announces the AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program in collaboration with Intel and Udacity to help bring diversity to the future of the AI and ML workforce – empty

AWS AppSync now supports custom domain names for AppSync GraphQL endpoints – empty

AWS announces Construct Hub general availability – empty

AWS Database Migration Service now supports Time Travel, an improved logging mechanism – empty

AWS announces AWS DeepRacer Student, offering free model training, learning content, and a global autonomous racing competition exclusively for students – empty

Introducing AWS Direct Connect SiteLink – empty

AWS End-of-support Migration Program (EMP) Now Supports Assisted Packaging for applications without installation media – empty

AWS Announces General Availability of AWS Wavelength in Germany – empty

AWS Glue streaming ETL jobs now integrates with the AWS Glue Schema Registry – empty

AWS IoT Core now supports caching of responses returned by customer’s Custom Authorizer Lambdas when using HTTP connections – empty

AWS Lambda now logs Hyperplane Elastic Network Interface (ENI) ID in AWS CloudTrail data events – empty

AWS Launch Wizard now provides guided deployment of Amazon EKS – empty

AWS Launch Wizard now provides guided deployment of Remote Desktop Gateway – empty

AWS Managed Microsoft AD helps optimize scaling decisions with directory metrics in Amazon CloudWatch – empty

AWS Network Firewall now supports AWS Managed Rules – empty

AWS and partners of the Open 3D Foundation announce the first Stable release of Open 3D Engine – empty

Introducing AWS re:Post, a new, community-driven, questions-and-answers service – empty

AWS SDK for Kotlin (Developer Preview) – empty

AWS SDK for Rust (Developer Preview) – empty

AWS Systems Manager now supports application-level cost reporting – empty

AWS Systems Manager announces new features for Session Manager to support maximum session timeout and annotate reason for starting the session – empty

AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager now offers console based viewing and management of instance processes – empty

AWS Toolkit for VS Code adds support for Amazon ECS Exec for troubleshooting Amazon ECS – empty

You can now enable data compression for capacity pool storage in Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP file systems – empty

EKS add-ons now supports EBS CSI driver – empty

Announcing Extended Maintenance Plan for FreeRTOS – empty

Announcing a simplified FreeRTOS out-of-box AWS IoT connectivity experience – empty

New Sustainability Pillar for the AWS Well-Architected Framework – empty

NICE EnginFrame adds AWS HPC cluster management with AWS ParallelCluster – empty

Right-size permissions for more roles in your account using IAM Access Analyzer to generate 50 fine-grained IAM policies per day – empty

Amazon SageMaker Model Registry now supports endpoint visibility, custom metadata and model metrics – empty

Announcing preview of SQL Notebooks support in Amazon Redshift Query Editor V2 – empty

Anatomy of a Supply Chain Ransomware Attack and How to Prevent it with Barracuda’s CloudGen WAF on AWS – empty

Aruba and AWS Enhance Branch to Cloud Connectivity Performance with AWS Transit Gateway Connect – empty

Design for Excellence with Automated Manufacturing Simulation in the Cloud from aPriori – empty

Exasol Launches New SaaS Analytics Database with Support of AWS SaaS Factory – empty

Experience Digital’s Purpose-Built Assessment Tool Created Using AWS Lambda – empty

How to Support Incident Management by Reducing Alarm Fatigue with Amazon DevOps Guru – empty

Implementing Centralized Fine-Grained Access Control with Immuta and AWS – empty

Signing Data Using Keys Stored in AWS CloudHSM with Python – empty

Simplify Protection of AWS Workloads with Cohesity’s Data Management as a Service – empty

Taking the Trouble Out of Ticketing with ServiceNow and AWS Support APIs – empty

Using AWS PrivateLink for Amazon S3 for Private Connectivity Between Snowflake and Amazon S3 – empty

Applying Federated Learning for ML at the Edge – empty

Creating a Multi-Region Application with AWS Services – Part 1, Compute and Security – empty

Integrate Okta to Extend Active Directory Infrastructure into AWS – empty

Optimize your IoT Services for Scale with IoT Device Simulator – empty

Use a City Planning Analogy to Visualize and Create your Cloud Architecture – empty

Load CDC data by table and shape using Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Dynamic Partitioning – empty

SEEK Asia modernizes search with CI/CD and Amazon OpenSearch Service – empty

Use unsupervised training with K-means clustering in Amazon Redshift ML – empty

Visualize live analytics from Amazon QuickSight connected to Amazon OpenSearch Service – empty

Centralized observability for AWS App Runner services – empty

How to use Application Load Balancer and Amazon Cognito to authenticate users for your Kubernetes web apps – empty

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) annual contracts – empty

Secure end-to-end traffic on Amazon EKS using TLS certificate in ACM, ALB, and Istio – empty

Customize Amazon RDS events notification using Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambda – empty

Data preparation for machine learning using Amazon Timestream – empty

How BlueFin helped build a scalable IoT data platform for Walchem using Amazon Timestream – empty

Migrating from bare metal to the cloud, KIXEYE’s journey – empty

Trouble-shooting success with 1047 – empty

Chime SDK for Telemedicine Solution – empty

Driving Sustainability in Retail through Transparent Measurement – empty

Global Luxury Fashion Brand ISAIA Simplifies Omnichannel Operations with XY Retail – empty

Moving CPG ERP Systems to AWS Cloud Using Deloitte’s SAP/HANA Solutions – empty

re:Invent Top 10 Announcements for Healthcare & Life Sciences – empty

Should CPG Companies Build or Buy a Digital Commerce Solution? – empty

Top Manufacturing and Industrial Announcements at re:Invent 2021 – empty

Top re:Invent 2021 announcements for the advertising and marketing technology industry – empty

AWS computer vision and Amazon Rekognition: AWS recognized as an IDC MarketScape Leader in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), up to 38% price cut, and major new features – empty

AWS Deep Learning AMIs: New framework-specific DLAMIs for production complement the original multi-framework DLAMIs – empty

Clinical text mining using the Amazon Comprehend Medical new SNOMED CT API – empty

Plan the locations of green car charging stations with an Amazon SageMaker built-in algorithm – empty

AXS and AWS Partner Nomad deliver high-definition virtual concerts for artists on AWS – empty

BBC delivers live, UHD coverage of UEFA Euros and Wimbledon with AWS – empty

How Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval can simplify your content library supply chain – empty

re:Invent 2021 releases and launches for M&E workloads – empty

How to set up Amazon Quicksight dashboard for Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon SES engagement events – empty

Adding the new Suggestions API of Amazon Location Service to your website – empty

Introducing Custom Domain Names for AWS AppSync APIs – empty

Performance Benchmark – SQL Server Workload on AWS and Azure – empty

How Tyler Technologies improved access to justice during the COVID-19 pandemic using .NET on AWS – empty

Identify operational issues quickly by using Grafana and Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Insights (Preview) – empty

Introducing AWS AppConfig Feature Flags In Preview – empty

AWS Global Accelerator Custom Routing with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service – empty

Calculating data transfer leveraging Amazon VPC flow logs – empty

Automate Amazon EKS upgrades with infrastructure as code – empty

Announcing second AWS Top Secret Region, extending support for US government classified missions – empty

Canada’s Federal Geospatial Platform supports decision-making using AWS – empty

How AWS uses AI to power interactive artwork at new Smithsonian exhibit – empty

AWS attained MTCS Level 3 certification under the new SS584:2020 standard – empty

Hardening the security of your AWS Elastic Beanstalk Application the Well-Architected way – empty

Privacy video: Innovating securely – empty

Using CloudTrail to identify unexpected behaviors in individual workloads – empty

Re:Invent 2021—Building cloud fluency today to support the builders of tomorrow – empty

Welcome to Amazon Linux 2022: setenforce 0 Edition – empty


Observability is critical for managing and improving complex business-critical systems. With observability, any software engineering team can gain a deeper understanding of system performance, so you can perform ongoing maintenance and ship the features your customers need. Preview Honeycomb’s upcoming O’Reilly book to understand the value of observable systems and how to build an observability-driven development practice. Sponsored – empty

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