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Condolences to my AWS friends affected by last week’s layoffs; if I can help, please let me know.

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Transforming how you do security at the beginning of your AWS journey will empower teams to deliver applications and features faster and more securely — and help ensure a successful digital transformation. Check out the Driving Developer Adoption cheat sheet to learn practical tips on scaling security through your devs by focusing on the three areas of change: Culture, Process, and Tooling.

Five Rookie Mistakes with Kubernetes on AWS. Is one of them "running Kubernetes?"

EC2 Instance Connect is great; here’s how to just-in-time SSH using it.

Cory Doctrow writes how Amazon makes everything you buy more expensive. He doesn’t go into cloud computing but you know it’s there.

Stephen O’Grady at RedMonk has some questions for AI.

I didn’t realize there was in fact a way to upgrade DynamoDB tables to Global in place. In my defense, the API is undocumented; thanks James!

My article on Why AWS Might Be the Next Backbone Provider seems to have hit the note I was aiming for. Good, fewer apology tours this way…

A rare story of using AWS’s ML capabilities to save money.


Last Week In AWS: RSA Beckons to Sell You a Firewall

Last Week In AWS: Shrieking Like a Toddler

Last Week In AWS: Why AWS Might Be the Next Backbone Provider

Screaming in the Cloud: CloudDev for Retail Companies with John Mille

Screaming in the Cloud: Sysdig and Solving for Strategic Challenges in Cybersecurity with Michael Isbitski

Choice Cuts

Amazon CloudWatch Logs data protection is now available in all AWS Commercial Regions – The downside to AWS’s harsh regional separation is that it’s rare you see things like this: available in all commercial regions. It’s a hard thing to pull off.

AWS Firewall Manager adds support for multiple administrators – Oh hell yes, multiple delegations within an AWS organization? Sign me up please.

AWS Systems Manager now supports AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) applications – Okay this is going to take some time for me to wrap my head around, because I like both of these things but didn’t consider combining them.

Working with percolators in Amazon OpenSearch Service – This makes sense; having visited a fair number of AWS offices I can attest that their office coffee has that "giant industrial percolator" flavor to it. Frugality is made manifest in their coffee nooks…

AWS Lambda now supports Java 17 – I keep forgetting that people for some reason run Java on Lambda. That must be painful as all hell.

Optimizing Amazon EC2 Spot Instances with Spot Placement Scores – Huh, somehow I’d missed that Spot Placement Scores existed. I like this, provided it works.

Optimize costs by scheduling provisioned capacity for Amazon DynamoDB – "Scale things up when you need them, down when you don’t" is from 2008, but I’m sure it’s new to some folks today…

Perform intelligent search across emails in your Google workspace using the Gmail connector for Amazon Kendra – Google asks you to implement QuickSort on a whiteboard in job interviews; meanwhile AWS implements functional search in Google Docs for them.

Best practices and considerations to migrate from VPC Peering to AWS Transit Gateway – The considerations are always financial, so of course that’s not the primary thrust of the article.


When it costs more money and time to observe your environment than it does to build it, there’s a problem. Learn how Chronosphere can help you shape and transform observability data to only store the useful data you need.

A static website generator from the CLI, this one from AWS itself.

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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