Good Morning!

Last week was blissfully tranquil, because Amazon Prime Day means that releases get paused (to my understanding). No matter what you may think about the "deploying on Fridays" zeitgeist, Amazon very clearly does not want to mess around with the risk of a change breaking a $12 billion sales event. I managed to keep busy anyway by bullying ChatGPT into ranking the US Presidents by absorbency.

From the Community

I challenged the audience on Twitter to tell my origin story, and this version is really something…

Oracle is passing up a good-faith moment over in the RHEL world to instead shake down a bunch of Java users. Every time I start to think that company might be turning over a new leaf, they make me regret that assessment shortly thereafter…


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Choice Cuts

AWS CodeBuild now supports GitHub Actions – The documentation here is unclear; what I think is happening is that you can now run the giant pile of Actions that folks publish over on GitHub inside of your CodeBuild jobs. If so this is frankly genius; it really expands the scope of possibilities that CodeBuild has. A reminder: CodeBuild is my favorite service to run large jobs on a scheduled basis; it’s still arguably AWS’s best serverless container offering.

AWS Lambda now detects and stops recursive loops in Lambda functions – The real question here is whether this damages AWS’s quarterly revenue in the process. I remember the days when things were slow enough that runaway "Lambda invokes itself" patterns threatened to destabilize some services in us-east-1 but only cost dozens of dollars in Lambda charges.

AWS Fault Injection Simulator supports chaos engineering experiments on Amazon EKS Pods – With on-prem Kubernetes, these experiments are way easier, as you can simply task someone to gleefully rip the power cable out the backside of random servers in the rack.

AWS announces inaugural State and Local Government Champions – Amazon takes an increasingly large stake in the horse race of local politics, I see.


Deez is a DynamoDB library for single-table design in Rust, which isn’t completely nuts.

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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