Good Morning!

If you’re in New York City, I’ll be there with my business partner hosting a gathering at 7PM on Thursday at Vol de Nuit; come by and say hello.

And the Last Week in AWS Job Board job board continues to thrive; if you’re hiring or looking to be hired within the AWS ecosystem, check it out.

From the Community

Now available on-demand from my friends at ChaosSearch: the stupendous, spectacular extravaganza –  Embrace the Chaos!  Hear from Thomas Hazel, Founder & CTO, and Ed Walsh, CEO, as well as AWS’ own Kevin Miller – as they disrupt the conventional thinking on data analytics, discussing how *"*what we think we know" vs. "what we truly know" is connected to our most valuable resource: data. Follow me, Corey Quinn, grab your popcorn and watch the presentation on-demand today… see you there!

Packer is a venerable tool for building AMIs, but this may be the first time I’ve seen it driven via a GitHub Actions Pipeline.

Ever smack into the InvalidClientTokenId: The security token included in the request is invalid error? Maddening until you figure out the secret; this post is mostly here for my future reference when I forget to enable a region.

Ask and ye shall receive: Aidan Steel has some thoughts on VPC Flow Log data enrichment.

Given an annoying quota of "only 10% of your AWS accounts can be deleted from an Organization within a month," Ian McKay has a workaround that’s delightfully nutty.

I got a few bits of feedback on S3 as an Eternal Service from folks who still have data from the 90s; please understand that for most of us this is… atypical.


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Last Week In AWS: S3 as an Eternal Service

Screaming in the Cloud: Making Open-Source Multi-Cloud Truly Free with AB Periasamy

Screaming in the Cloud: The Benefits of Mocking Clouds Locally with Waldemar Hummer

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Choice Cuts

Amazon Kendra launches Featured Results – Kinda like the AWS Marketplace’s ads creeping into the AWS Console, no?

AWS Chatbot now supports search of AWS resources and AWS content – I’m reluctant to turn Chatbot into something bidrectional, personally. I use it to present information to me, but using Slack as a control interface opens a door I prefer to leave firmly shut.

AWS Copilot adds support for full customization with AWS CDK or YAML overrides – I just wish there were a way to get it (or any CLI) to faithfully reproduce the now-deprecated ECS CLI; I used that thing to get logs of task failures, and haven’t found a good way to expose the same information as quickly with the newer generation of tools. Copilot of course is entirely ill-suited to manage existing deployed applications; it seems to be focused on a "getting started" greenfield path in my tinkering with it.

AWS re:Post now includes AWS Knowledge Center articles – The continuing proliferation of the same content through all of AWS’s channels means that there’s now increased difficulty in finding the content you actually want through the restatement of the same thing you don’t need. This is a larger problem with the internet, I suspect…

New Cost Explorer users now get Cost Anomaly Detection by default – I’d like a quick way to deploy this to existing accounts, but I’ll take this as a first step!

Introducing Data on EKS – Modernize Data Workloads on Amazon EKS – This is a surprisingly broad and also deep dive of the various tooling around data workloads in conjunction with Kubernetes. That said, watch your AZ boundaries; Kubernetes remains blissfully unaware of data transfer costs, so this can submarine you in painful ways.

Friend microservices using Amazon DynamoDB and event filtering – Acquaintance Serverless and Elder Monolith are also going to be showing up for the happy hour…


Transform how you do security at the beginning of your AWS journey and empower teams to deliver applications faster and more securely. Check out the 10 Security Strategies When Migrating to AWS to discover key strategies to start innovating faster on Amazon Web Services.

It’d be nice if ECS supported docker-compose, but alas it doesn’t. ECS Compose-X attempts to fix that.

I stumbled across this four year old standard for GitHub – osodevops/aws-enterprise-naming-tagging-standard: an enterprise tagging and naming conventions.

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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