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Is the thought of securing your AWS infrastructure giving you nightmares? Don’t worry, Teleport has got your back! Watch our latest episode with Allen Vailliencourt to learn how Teleport can make your life easier by providing complete visibility for regulatory compliance, securing your AWS infrastructure, and increasing developer productivity. No more nightmares, just sweet dreams of security and compliance.

Cheating is All You Need is the title of the latest post by Steve Yegge; he writes something, I link to it because he’s Steve Yegge.

A guide to setting up self managed Apache Airflow with Data on EKS. Personally I’ve not used it; when I need something like this I’ve gone for either Glue, or Step Functions myself…

Having run distributed SQLite before, it was only a matter of time until someone started distributing DuckDB, this time via Lambda functions.

A Dismal Guide to AWS Billing is one of the best treatments I’ve seen of the topic I spend the bulk of my time working on. I wish I’d written it!

Okay, while configuring a timeout for Amazon ECS tasks may not sound like an interesting post that’s okay because you’re wrong; this is one of the first / best examples in the wild of using AWS Step Functions to orchestrate things within AWS. Don’t sleep on that service; it’s quite powerful, though a bit unapproachable at first. Posts like this help rectify that.

This approach to building an EC2 Cloud Inventory Across All Regions and Accounts beats the usual approach folks take, by which I mean "looking at the AWS bill."

Oof; Amazon layoffs have come to AWS. I don’t usually comment on layoffs just because it’s not my beat–but if you’re affected by this you have my sympathy. If I can help with anything, please reach out. Nobody’s happy when these things happen.

Curl (everyone’s favorite command line utility, library, and arm day workout) has turned 25 years old. Why oh why then do I still have "wget" seared into my muscle memory?


Last Week In AWS: Mining Your Data/Currency/Minerals

Last Week In AWS: Y’allbikey Configuration Guide

Screaming in the Cloud: Exciting Times in Cloud Security with Chris Farris

Screaming in the Cloud: The Need for Reliability with Lex Neva

Choice Cuts

When it costs more money and time to observe your environment than it does to build it, there’s a problem. Learn how Chronosphere can help you shape and transform observability data to only store the useful data you need.

Allow Listing tool for testing new Billing, Cost Management and Account console permissions – This marks the first time that AWS has to my knowledge made a tool available that will allow customers to test things in advance of a deprecation.

Amazon CloudWatch Logs adds support for new Amazon VPC Flow Logs metadata – While this is a welcome step forward, I think what I really want is the ability to derive or otherwise populate a tag value; knowing "this EC2 instance ID sent the traffic" is all well and good, but I’d still rather have a straightforward way to correlate it to an application workload rather than playing Detective Corey and the Case of the Missing Workload to figure out what’s being chatty cross-AZ… Anyone implemented something like this that they’ve liked?

Amazon EC2 C6in, M6in, M6idn, R6in, and R6idn metal instances are now available – There are now exactly 629 instance types available for launch in us-east-1.

Amazon SNS (pronounced "Snizz") announces support for setting content-type request headers for HTTP/S notifications – This puts to rest a bug that was reported 13 years ago; can you imagine how much technical debt must have been in the way for it to take this long to get the problem fixed?

AWS CodeBuild now supports a small GPU machine type – The best AWS serverless container offering continues to improve its capabilities. Seriously; I love this service so much.

Auth. Built for devs, by devs. FusionAuth is the customer authentication and authorization platform that makes developers’ lives awesome. You’ll get all the features your app needs like login, registration, SSO, and MFA, plus a customizable, scalable solution you can run on any computer, anywhere in the world. Get started for free.

Configuring .NET Garbage Collection for Amazon ECS and AWS Lambda – "Wow," I thought, "even by my standards this title is INCREDIBLY harsh," right up until I got to the word "Collection."

Integrating with GitHub Actions – Amazon CodeGuru in your DevSecOps Pipeline – Good work to the CodeGuru team; usually AWS likes to push their own moribund CI/CD offerings rather than acknowledge what an awful lot of customers are already using. GitHub Actions is great, I see it everywhere, and I like the ability to play well with others that this demonstrates.

Delete Empty CloudWatch Log Steams – I’ve been wanting something like this for ages. And yes, that title does say "Steams." That’s AWS’s typo, not mine.

Growing AWS internet peering with 400 GbE – Holy… 400 gigabit ethernet is now a common thing at AWS. The firehose is one hell of a lot wider than it once was; I’m having a hard time even conceiving of what the throughput on something like this must be.


MinIO object storage runs everywhere the cloud operating model runs –  offering S3 compatible, cloud-native storage to enterprises that value simplicity, scale and performance in a software-defined, self-hosted solution.  Learn more at and be sure to tell them that Corey sent you.

I was recently reminded by Chris Short that AWS offers a native Stop Protection functionality for EC2 instances. I see Termination Protection all the time, but this one would have thrown me for a loop if I’d encountered it in the wild. Handy!

This is a url redirector built in AWS with the CDK. So what? Lots of folks have built those. Ah, but this one was built entirely via GPT-4 (pronounced "Gippety Four" like it’s a droid from Star Wars).

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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