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Practical tricks and tips to reduce AWS EMR costs | by Adevinta | Adevinta Tech Blog | Nov, 2022 | Medium – empty

Amazon will shut down end-to-end encrypted messenger app Wickr next year – empty

AWS pre:Invent 2022 | Steampipe Blog – empty


The Pinecone vector database makes it easy to build high-performance vector search applications. At Pinecone you would have the opportunity to work with world-class scientists and engineers who have built large scale ML applications and platforms at leading companies and cloud providers. We have several engineering opportunities open in New York and Tel Aviv – visit to find out more.


Last Week In AWS: IAM Over the Moon About Multiple MFA Devices

Last Week In AWS: The Feudal Lords of Amazon: AWS’ Infinite Service Launches and Counterproductive Culture

Screaming in the Cloud: Security for Speed and Scale with Ashish Rajan

Screaming in the Cloud: The Art and Science of Database Innovation with Andi Gutmans

Choice Cuts

Amazon CloudFront launches continuous deployment support – empty

Amazon EBS launches Rule Lock for Recycle Bin to prevent unintended changes to Region-level retention rules for Snapshots and AMIs – empty

Amazon EC2 enables customer created tags to be included during image copy – empty

Manage Table metadata in Glue Data Catalog when running Flink workloads on Amazon EMR – empty

Amazon EventBridge introduces new capabilities that make it simpler to build rules – empty

Amazon Forecast generates predictions for products with no historical data that is more accurate than before – What the… how on earth is this not "a wild-ass guess?" I predict this service will sell to precisely 47 customers.

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink now supports Apache Flink version 1.15 – empty

Amazon Managed Grafana now supports connection to data sources hosted in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud – empty

Amazon Managed Grafana now supports visualizing Prometheus Alertmanager rules and new configuration APIs – empty

Amazon QuickSight launches cluster points for Geospatial Visual – empty

Amazon Rekognition adds new pre-trained labels, and introduces color detection – empty

Amazon SNS adds support for payload-based message filtering – empty

AWS announces availability of Microsoft SQL Server 2022 images on Amazon EC2 – empty

AWS Chatbot now supports command aliases to shorten frequently used AWS CLI commands in Slack – empty

AWS Control Tower now displays compliance status of external AWS Config rules – empty

AWS Glue Crawlers Now Support Snowflake – empty

Announcing AWS Graviton2 support for Amazon EMR Serverless – Get up to 35% better price-performance for your serverless Spark and Hive workload – empty

AWS IAM Identity Center now supports session management capabilities for AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) and SDKs – empty

AWS IoT RoboRunner is now generally available – empty

AWS Nitro System now supports previous generation of instances – empty

AWS Secrets Manager now supports rotation of secrets as often as every four hours – empty

Amazon EMR on EKS adds support for configuring Spark properties within EMR Studio Jupyter Notebooks – empty

Manage your resources from AWS Organizations using AWS CloudFormation – empty

Support for reading and writing data in Amazon DynamoDB and cross account Amazon S3 access with Amazon EMR Serverless – empty

Amazon SageMaker Autopilot experiments run with Ensemble training mode provide additional metrics and visibility into the AutoML workflow – empty

Bring Your Mainframe Application Development into Your Enterprise AWS Code Pipelines – empty

Connect, Unify, and Scale with AWS and Alkira’s Cloud Area Networking – empty

Engage360 is an Amazon Kendra-Powered App to Optimize Search and Recommendation Experience in Salesforce CRM – empty

Healthier Data and Trusted Insights with Collibra Data Quality on AWS – empty

How Blue People Detected Application Anomalies Using Insights from Amazon DevOps Guru – empty

How to Connect ThoughtSpot to Amazon Redshift Serverless – empty

Rapid Accelerators for SAP Business Content with the Atos AWS Data Lake Accelerator for SAP – empty

Setting Data in Motion at the Mobile Edge with AWS Wavelength and Confluent – empty

How to select a Region for your workload based on sustainability goals – empty

Using the right tools for your cloud cost forecasting – empty

Now Open the 30th AWS Region – Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region in India – empty

How to connect SAP BTP Services with AWS Services using SAP Private Link Service – empty

SAP Password Rotation with AWS Secrets Manager – empty

2022 AWS Marketplace Seller Conference recap – empty

Add text boxes to your Amazon QuickSight analysis – empty

Announcing AWS Glue crawler support for Snowflake – empty

Create small multiples in Amazon QuickSight – empty

Govern and manage permissions of Amazon QuickSight assets with the new centralized asset management console – empty

How Etleap and Amazon Redshift Serverless optimize costs for ETL – empty

Implement row-level access control in a multi-tenant environment with Amazon Redshift – empty

Lower your Amazon OpenSearch Service storage cost with gp3 Amazon EBS volumes – empty

New line chart customization options in Amazon QuickSight – empty

Build your Apache Hudi data lake on AWS using Amazon EMR – Part 1 – empty

Introducing cross-account access capabilities for AWS Step Functions – empty

Introducing payload-based message filtering for Amazon SNS – empty

Node.js 18.x runtime now available in AWS Lambda – empty

Our guide to AWS Compute at re:Invent 2022 – empty

Exposing Kubernetes Applications, Part 1: Service and Ingress Resources – empty

Exposing Kubernetes Applications, Part 2: AWS Load Balancer Controller – empty

Exposing Kubernetes Applications, Part 3: NGINX Ingress Controller – empty

Know before you Go – serverless containers at AWS re:Invent 2022 – empty

Preventing Kubernetes misconfigurations using Datree – empty

Federated query support between SQL Server and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL – empty

Increase write throughput on Amazon RDS for MariaDB using the MyRocks storage engine – empty

Introducing token-based access to Ethereum node APIs on Amazon Managed Blockchain – empty

Load RDF data into Amazon Neptune with AWS Glue – empty

Optimize the storage costs of your workloads with Amazon DynamoDB Standard-IA table class – empty

Security best practices for Amazon RDS for MySQL and MariaDB instances – empty

Use vertical partitioning to scale data efficiently in Amazon DynamoDB – This one hurts. One of the authors is Mike MacKay, who passed away earlier this year. The bio at the end, worded in the past tense, reads simply "Mike Mackay was a Sr. NoSQL Specialist Solutions Architect based in UK." True, but he was a lot more than that to the people who knew him.

No snark on this one today. It’s a good blog post, and Mike is missed.

AWS EUC @re:Invent: Getting started with Amazon AppStream 2.0 – empty

AWS EUC@re:Invent: Securing End User Computing Workloads on AWS End User Computing Services – empty

Build an enterprise cost and usage dashboard for Amazon WorkSpaces – empty

Faster iteration experience for AWS SAM applications in the AWS Toolkit for JetBrains and VS Code – empty

Creating a Build Environment on AWS with Incredibuild – empty

How to create an animation production pipeline with Flaneer on AWS? – empty

AWS features Amazon HealthLake Imaging at RSNA22 – empty

AWS Glue successfully assessed for all 14 controls in the EDM Council’s CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) framework – empty

Healthcare & Life Sciences at re:Invent 2022- Industry Attendee Guide – empty

Merck Builds HawkAVI Platform on AWS to Reduce Product Reject Rates – empty

Road to zero-touch automation – empty

Score more points with your fans using Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology and Amazon One – empty

Simplify consumer experiences using Amazon One – empty

Accelerate multilingual workflows with a customizable translation solution built with Amazon Translate – empty

Amazon Rekognition Labels adds 600 new labels, including landmarks, and now detects dominant colors – empty

Apply fine-grained data access controls with AWS Lake Formation and Amazon EMR from Amazon SageMaker Studio – empty

AWS Cloud technology for near-real-time cardiac anomaly detection using data from wearable devices – empty

ByteDance saves up to 60% on inference costs while reducing latency and increasing throughput using AWS Inferentia – empty

Generate cold start forecasts for products with no historical data using Amazon Forecast, now up to 45% more accurate – empty

How JPMorgan Chase & Co. uses AWS DeepRacer events to drive global cloud adoption – empty

Identifying landmarks with Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels – empty

Real-time analysis of customer sentiment using AWS – empty

Leia Inc. and AWS Partner Insys VT build DRM solution with near real-time session checking – empty

Moving your paywall to the edge with Amazon CloudFront – empty

Announcing AWS Amplify JavaScript library version 5 – empty

New: Announcing custom primary key support for AWS Amplify DataStore – empty

Automate the Upgrade of an Amazon FSx for Windows File Server to a Multi-AZ deployment – empty

What’s new in SQL Server 2022 on AWS? – empty

Announcing evidence finder for AWS Audit Manager – empty

Announcing Private VPC data source support for Amazon Managed Grafana – empty

Announcing Prometheus Alertmanager rules in Amazon Managed Grafana – empty

Maximizing resource tagging at scale and across teams for your migration to AWS – empty

Introducing Finch: An Open Source Client for Container Development – empty

Making it Easier to Build Connectors with Apache Flink: Introducing the Async Sink – empty

Announcing the winners of the inaugural Future of Government Awards: Celebrating digital transformation initiatives around the world – empty

AWS and Mountain Empire Community College bring no-cost skills course and career event to Southwest Virginia – empty

How to build an Aadhaar Data Vault on AWS – empty

Get prepared for re:Invent 2022: A public sector guide – empty

Security, stability, and speed: Strategy essentials for your mission – empty

Supporting smart and sustainable transportation innovation at the ITS World Congress – empty

Build headless robotic simulations with AWS Batch – empty

2022 Canadian Centre for Cyber Security Assessment Summary report available with 12 additional services – empty

AWS achieves Spain’s ENS High certification across 166 services – empty

AWS Security Profile: Jonathan “Koz” Kozolchyk, GM of Certificate Services – empty

Establishing a data perimeter on AWS: Allow only trusted identities to access company data – empty

AWS Fault Isolation Boundaries – AWS Fault Isolation Boundaries – only for podcast

The Feudal Lords of Amazon: AWS’ Infinite Service Launches and Counterproductive Culture – empty

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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