Duckbill Media

Contribution Guidelines

All content pieces published by Duckbill Media must follow the below contribution guidelines.

Note: These guidelines apply only to written content and do not apply for video content.

Content Guidelines

Articles should adhere to Duckbill Media’s editorial values.

We use AP style but we aren’t strict about it. Write in a conversational tone–let that personality shine through!

Articles should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Longer articles are acceptable for definitive pieces; short articles are not acceptable.

Formatting Guidelines

Our publication system requires Markdown or ASCIIDOC format, so please submit any articles in those formats. While we can accept other formats, it just creates more work for our team, so please be nice. 🙂

Feel free to use whatever elements you like–tables, images, pull-quotes, footnotes, lists, or whatever else you’d like. Images are preferred in SVG format but we will accept PNG, JPG, or GIF if no SVG is available.

Submitting a Proposal

If you’ve got an idea for something not yet written, just shoot us the idea and we’ll give you feedback. If you’ve already written the article, submit the entire article.

We do not accept articles that have been published elsewhere already.

Editorial Process

We have a simple editorial process, designed to ensure your content is the very best it can be.

  1. You write the draft
  2. The article is reviewed by a peer for technical accuracy and depth
  3. The editor reviews the article for clarity and structure
  4. You implement any feedback from the editor
  5. Our marketing staff review the article for promotion, making any tweaks to ensure maximum attention
  6. The article enters the publication queue

The entire process can take as little as a few days and depends entirely on how quickly you can write your draft and implement edits.