My Mental Model of AWS Regions

By Corey Quinn

Usually when I talk about AWS regions and availability zones, it ties back to [data transfer pricing] or some other model of cloud economics. Today I want to take a different angle: it’s my belief that how I think about AWS regions and how AWS talks about them are somewhat far apart. The reason I’m doing this in blog form instead of as a Twitter stunt or whatnot is that I’m not particularly intending to be funny, and to be transparent, I’m not completely sure whether I’m right or not. Let’s dive in.

Your Disaster Recovery Plan is a Joke Written by Clowns

By Corey Quinn

If you take a look somewhere in an engineering VP or Director’s office, you’ll find a binder that hasn’t been touched in a while labeled “DR / BCM Plan.” Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Management planning are important things to take into consideration. But the clowns you work for have almost certainly screwed it up […]

Disaster Recovery Considerations in AWS

By Corey Quinn

A few thoughts on Disaster Recovery planning in AWS environments that most people apparently gloss right over.