The Growing Dominion of Cloud Providers with Raj Bala

Episode Summary

Raj Bala, Founder of Perspect, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to chat about his experiences working in the world of cloud and why he made the shift from Gartner Analyst to Founder. Raj asks the question, “Is AWS truly customer-obsessed?” in the face of their business practices, and challenges the common notion that analysts don’t need to have lived experience with a product to criticize it. Raj and Corey also explore the absurdity of Azure naming conventions, how cloud providers are creating roadblocks to multi-cloud, and the response of the greater public as cloud providers become more and more powerful.

Episode Show Notes & Transcript

About Raj

Raj Bala, formerly a VP, Analyst at Gartner, led the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services since its inception and led the Magic Quadrant for IaaS before that.  He is deeply in-tune with market dynamics both in the US and Europe, but also extending to China, Africa and Latin America.  

Raj is also a software developer and is capable of building and deploying scalable services on the cloud providers to which he wrote about as a Gartner analyst.  As such, Raj is now building Perspect, which is a SaaS offering at the intersection of AI and E-commerce.

Raj's favorite language is Python and he is obsessed with making pizza and ice cream.

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