Evolving Alongside Cloud Technology with Jason McKay

Episode Summary

Jason McKay, Chief Technology Officer at Logicworks, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss how the cloud landscape has changed and what changes are picking up steam. Jason highlights the benefit of working in a consulting role, which provides a constant flow of interesting problems to solve. Corey and Jason also explore why cloud was positioned well for the current economic changes, and how Kubernetes is slowly but surely becoming more standardized. Jason also reveals some of his predictions for the future of cloud-based development. 

Episode Show Notes & Transcript

About Jason

Jason is responsible for leading Logicworks’ technical strategy including its software and DevOps product roadmap. In this capacity, he works directly with Logicworks’ senior engineers and developers, technology vendors and partners, and R&D team to ensure that Logicworks service offerings meet and exceed the performance, compliance, automation, and security requirements of our clients. Prior to joining Logicworks in 2005, Jason worked in technology in the Unix support trenches at Panix (Public Access Networks). Jason graduated Bard College with a Bachelor of Arts and holds several AWS and Azure Professional certifications.

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