Building Community in Open Source with Floor Drees

Episode Summary

Episode Summary

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Floor Drees, Staff Developer Advocate at Aiven, joins Corey on Screaming in the Cloud to discuss her journey into the world of open source and the opportunities she sees to improve developer relations. Floor and Corey dive into the pitfalls and opportunities of being a frequent speaker at events, and Floor shares some best practices to help be prepared for those opportunities. Floor also shares why she feels events should include hybrid remote attendance options, and the benefits of hosting local events to breathe life into new relationships within the developer community. Floor and Corey also discuss the complexities of maintaining an open-source project and what goes into keeping an open-source community healthy and thriving.

About Floor

Floor is a Staff Developer Advocate at Aiven, a company that manages your favorite open source data tools for you without exploiting the projects and their maintainers. Previously Floor worked in DevRel at Grafana Labs and Microsoft. She is a Devopsdays Core member, and organizes the Devopsdays Amsterdam and Eindhoven chapters. She is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, and organizes a bunch of meetups, including-but-not-limited-to, DevRel Salon Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam Ruby Meetup. Floor is also an art school graduate, who stumbled into tech face-first.

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