Episode Summary

AWS Morning Brief (in musical form) for the week of December 6, 2021 with Corey Quinn.

Episode Show Notes & Transcript

Releasees of re:Invent Lyrics
AWS Backup speaks S3
Systems Manager: RDP
Improvements have hit Control Tower
Systems Manager speaks Greengrass
Evidently's name sucks ass
(It does A/B testing by the hour)

Streams in Kinesis
EMR and Jesus
MSK are now Serverless
Redshift is too
And this one should please you
FSx supports OpenZFS

Make development faster
Without a disaster
Too dangerous to go alone
You might give them a slappin'
For making this happen
But please go check out HoneyComb

Data Transfer new Free Tier
Slightly more free as in beer
So your bill is a bit less absurd
Don't use CloudWatch RUM
AWS is your chum
In the bloody sense of the word

They can't remain nameless
Thank You to Blameless
For helping out with SRE
It goes beyond on-call
And most importantly of all
Fingers aren’t pointing at me

DMS Fleet Advisor
The Sages get wiser
(SageMaker got features but I just don't care)
Now let’s show more respect
To our friend FSx’s
OpenZFS support if you unaware

It impressed me a boatload
Amplify Studio's Low Code
But Amazon's scared of that phrase
Digital TwinMaker
Stuff for data lakers
OpenZFS deserves so much praise

RoboRunner runs robots
Archive for EBS snapshots
In case all your instances crash
If your users all sin
EBS Snapshot Recycle Bin
But they likely belong in the trash

“Cloud WAN” “Evidently” 
“Private 5G” “Snow Family”
And SageMaker Ground Truth Plus
But I won't be shaming
Since the one person naming
Things well just got hit by a bus

Thanks go to Netlify
More deadly than Jai Alai
To AWS's clear JAMstack flex
Sure you could use S3
ACM CloudFront and Route53
That's just Netlify with extra steps

CDK V2 sounds like a bust
SDKs for Swift Kotlin and Rust
Construct Hub has launched into GA
Network Analyzer for VPC
Disable ACLs in S3
Storage admins will have a field day

Block regions within Control Tower
Compute optimizer bills you per picohour
Now the Snow Family speaks tape
Workspaces Web does you favors
EC2 has many more flavors
But I still go for Cherry and Grape

You knew this was coming
Because for four years running
It's sponsored by ChaosSearch
It speaks just like Elastic
Now does SQL more drastic
If you want to spend more
Then get out of my church

Stuff for the telecom sector
There's a new Inspector
That's sneakily powered by Snyk
Resilience Hub to fight failure
The Karpenter auto-scaler's
Either written in Go or in Greek

So Amazon is transitioning
Thank you for listening
To all of the nonsense I say
Now I’m going home
Where I can be alone
And I’ll probably be sleeping ‘till May.

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