Good Morning!

Welcome to a few very slow weeks; all we’re likely to see out of AWS is a bunch of stuff that didn’t quite make the re:Invent cutoff. The year is finally effectively over!

From the Community

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Moving to cloud is more than just a purchasing exercise says Major Hayden, and he’s completely correct. I mean, yes, you could treat it as just a purchasing exercise, but if you do that you’re going to be hemorrhaging money eight ways to Sunday.

Chris Farris did an exhaustive snarky recap of every re:Invent release so I don’t have to.

My post on AWS’s (de)Generative AI Blunder has gotten a shocking amount of agreement from AWS employees; I seem to have struck upon an accurate perception that insiders widely hold.

Choice Cuts

Don’t let challenges of time and cost slow you down in the fast-paced world of digital transformation! Snyk’s recent survey reveals a 44% decrease in developer time for security fixes among customers leveraging Snyk for their digital transformation initiatives. Discover how a modern security solution, purpose-built for cloud native apps, can provide the cost- and time-saving benefits with Migrations Playbook for Saving Money with Snyk + AWS.

Amazon Titan Image Generator foundation model in Amazon Bedrock now available in preview – Is anything in the Titan LLM family not "in preview?" What exactly are they waiting for over there?

Amazon EC2 C6gd and R6gd instances are now available in AWS GovCloud (US-East) Region – Meanwhile the C8g family is in preview; taking this long to roll out new instance families to all regions strongly suggests that the "all regions aren’t alike" problem is going to get worse before it gets better.

Amazon Redshift extends SUPER data type column size support to 16 MB – Did they just reinvent S3 from first principles? With this, you can now store your War and Peace fanfiction directly in a Redshift cell… and still have room left over for the entire Twilight series.

AWS Secrets Manager announces 99.99% Service Level Agreement – I’m desperately curious why this wasn’t released at re:Invent along with everything else.

Build Better Engagement using the AWS Community Engagement Flywheel: Part 1 of 3 – This is great to see coming from the company whose own re:Post community forum is an absolute ghost town.

Simplify Modernization of your monolithic application using Amazon VPC Lattice – I keep forgetting Lattice exists. I shouldn’t; it saves a fair chunk of change in some configurations.

Celebrate with 12 days of AWS Activate – Honestly, I think I’d rather date the deranged author of the original song; getting 184 birds from a lunatic is still better than using Zendesk.


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dnsteal is a neat way to exfiltrate data via DNS. This is also a great way to theoretically get around some of AWS’s egress fees if you’re very diligent about it.

flame stuffs an entire application into a Lambda. Seems nifty and a bit ridiculous. I like it!

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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