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The launch of Nimble Studio is an interesting direction for AWS to go in. I’ve been puttering around with it a bit–and it shows promise. More undoubtedly to come on that topic.

Let’s get to it!

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With cyberattacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, proactive Threat Hunting is increasingly critical. And here’s the good news: you can significantly improve your Threat Hunting game with existing staff & analytics tools (including the popular Open Distro Kibana). To learn more,Download The Threat Hunter’s Handbook from ChaosSearch, an amazing guide that covers: the 6 common stages of a sophisticated attack; how to adopt the mindset of an attacker; how to find the hidden clues of an attack in your log data; how to conduct a hunt using standard log analytics tools; and a detailed real-world example of combatting an advanced persistent threat. So check out The Threat Hunter’s Handbook from ChaosSearch and get a blueprint for identifying the clues in your log data that will stop cybercriminals in their tracks. Sponsored

Dish partners with AWS for its cloud-based 5G network. AT&T rebadges everyone’s phones to say 6G and calls it a day.

A dive into what you should consider with respect to AWS Lambda performance optimization.

Replit built their own database infrastructure.

A guide to AWS cost control from a Corey who isn’t me feels deeply unholy.

I’m consistently annoyed by just how much boilerplate / undifferentiated work it takes to build out a CI/CD pipeline using AWS CodePipeline. This sample version helps.

A demo on using the new tooling AWS unveiled a week or two ago to build least privilege access policies.

Redmonk’s James Governor talks about how Spotify manages cloud cost via Backstage. He’s entirely too kind of a person.

Another AWS employee resigns, citing their employment leave policies.

The Duckbill Group (hey that’s us!) put out a AWS Cost Allocation Guide: Identifying Your Costs.

The Last Week in AWS blog now has a comparison between DynamoDB vs. MongoDB.

A brute force vector was closed against PasAWS Cognito’s password reset codes.

The JEDI contract protest simply will not die.


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Chronosphere — which provides cloud-native monitoring that SCALES and gives you back control to keep cost and data growth reasonable — is hiring like crazy. This week we’re highlighting their Senior Sales Engineer opening. This person will partner with an account executive on owning the technical sales strategy and execution for enterprise opportunities, demonstrating to customers the power and value of Chronosphere, and guiding their monitoring and observability solutions.

Some combinations won’t ever play nice. Cats and dogs. 98point6, a mission-driven company that’s making primary care more accessible and affordable, it’s the dynamic duo that’s leading the change in a much-needed digital health revolution. They’re hiring engineers and engineering managers across several disciplines to enhance the practice of medicine—relentlessly improving a platform, built on AWS, that helps reimagine the patient and physician experience.They’re looking for engineers to further their efforts, build critical systems for on-demand care at scale and collaborate across the organization while expanding the types of care they provide. Interested in being a part of healthcare innovation? Check out their open roles and apply now.

AWS is building something new and refreshingly different–and may I say, it’s certainly ambitious! It’s still very, very early days–and the service needs to get from where it is today all the way to general availability, otherwise I won’t get to make fun of it. Help me entertain you– if you’re a senior engineering manager with a penchant for assembling really large engineering teams in a very early stage product, you want to talk to AWS about this “manager of managers” role.

Think “GitHub for marketing teams” and you’d be pretty close to describing Loomly. They’re looking for someone to take ownership of and lead their DevOps/SRE efforts–and that person might well be you. They’re fully remote, post their salary ranges, and using a bunch of AWS services. I’m a fan of what I’ve seen from them so far; see if this role is up your alley.

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The realities of the past year have forced businesses of all kinds to turn the volume on cloud adoption up to 11. But handling this shift is easier said than done. CloudLIVE 2021 is your chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at proven strategies for FinOps and comprehensive multi-cloud management.Don’t miss out the industry-leading multi-cloud management conference—grab your free ticket today. Sponsored

The Apps ON Cloud Summit, hosted by Turbonomic, is a new action-packed not-a-conference happening online May 11th through 13th. It’s for everyone who makes applications in the cloud run, from IT leaders to DevOps pros to you folks. Take a break from screaming into the cloudy void to learn from some of the best, like Kelsey Hightower, AWS Blogger Jon Myer, and yours truly.
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Alexa for Business now available on Zoom Rooms appliances – Tired of pumping your engineers for competitive intelligence, AWS has now decided to automate the process.

Amazon Translate increases the size limit of Parallel data from 1GB to 5GB – This is huge news for the “inappropriately using services as databases” space.

Announcing availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with High availability for Amazon EC2 – AWS and Red Hat team up to rebut my “nobody cares about the operating system anymore” argument.

Announcing Moving Graphs for CloudWatch Dashboards – AWS looked at the tire-fire that is the CloudFront console and decided the best way to make it worse was to animate it more. Sadly the <blink> HTML tag has been deprecated, so they were forced to innovate.

AWS announces general availability of Amazon Nimble Studio – Jack wasn’t Nimble / Jack wasn’t quick / Jack tripped over the onboarding process for this service / Jack burned his… AWS bill to the ground in the process.

AWS Cost Categories introduces a details page – AWS Cost Categories tired of being misunderstood for long periods of time, includes explanation.

AWS Managed Services (AMS) now offers a new feature enabling customers to purchase AMS separate from infrastructure services through their preferred Solution Provider – AWS adds a one-click “Buy Now” button.

AWS Nitro Enclaves now supports Windows operating system – For customers who profess caring deeply about security and are also running Windows, AWS now offers a service to help keep the charade alive.

AWS SAM CLI now supports AWS CDK applications – public preview – “Does your application use SAM or the CDK?” “Honestly at this point I don’t even know; I just want it to work.”

Amazon EC2 enables replacing root volumes for quick restoration and troubleshooting – There are wonderful aspirational stories of what this will be used for, but in my case I’m going to screw up editing /etc/passwd again and finally get to reset to a checkpoint beforehand without starting over from scratch.

Introducing AWS for Media and Entertainment – If you have “Netflix” on your AWS blog post bingo card, you may now check that square off.

AWS Lambda@Edge now supports Node 14.x – And by the time the CloudFront distribution induced delayed development cycle you’re forced into completes, it will also support Node 16.x.

Third-party software built for AWS Control Tower is now available in the AWS Control Tower Console, powered by AWS Marketplace – Control Tower fixes its problems via the time honored tradition of making third parties do it for them.

AI-Driven Analytics on AWS Using Tableau and Amazon SageMaker – Tableau CEO turned AWS CEO Adam Selipsky’s influence is clearly already being felt. The QuickSight team begins quietly updating their résumés.

How to Strengthen Your Own AWS Practice with Help from an Experienced AWS Partner – Suddenly last week’s earnings report wherein Amazon Advertising generating ~$7B in revenue make a lot more sense in light of posts like this one.

Build a Lake House Architecture on AWS – Sure, okay. Meanwhile the rest of us smaller companies are considering a Community Pool architecture.

Build real-time feature toggles with Amazon DynamoDB Streams and Amazon API Gateway WebSocket APIs – The complexity of this blog post is the best sales pitch for LaunchDarkly that I can possibly imagine.

AWS DeepRacer device software now open source – And now we know why Lyft shut down its self-driving division.

Explore four new features in AWS Chatbot – At least the four horsemen of the apocalypse show up on horses that you get to pet; these are just sad enhancements without the upside.


Flying blind in the cloud? Lacework provides a flight recorder for your user, API, and container activity – all organized into behaviors that deliver answers in seconds and takes you out of the analysis paralysis game. Whether you’re ready to take the red pill or the blue pill, Lacework bridges the gap between DevOps and Security. Lacework makes it easy with everything from compliant service configurations to container app topologies – no rules required. Got doubts? Challenge accepted. See for yourself at Sponsored

I use myrepos, but git-xargs is another way to handle multiple git repositories at once with significantly more polish.

Rake for your lambda functions is now called yake.

… and that’s what happened Last Week in AWS.

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