Keeping up with AWS announcements is like drinking from a firehose.

Chief Cloud Economist Corey Quinn goes through the torrent of news about Amazon’s cloud ecosystem and strains out the noise. Then he takes what’s left and gently and lovingly makes fun of it.

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Spend 15 to 20 minutes of your commute listening to host Corey Quinn contextualize and poke fun at the latest in AWS news, dive into popular AWS services, and answer listener questions on AWS architecture.

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Every week, listen to host Corey Quinn interview domain experts in the world of Cloud Computing discuss AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and why businesses are coming to think about the Cloud.

S3 Intelligent-Tiering: What It Takes To Actually Break Even

By Alex Rasmussen

As Cloud Economists, we’re often asked when it makes sense for an object to be in Amazon S3’s Intelligent-Tiering (S3-IT) storage class. The answer, as is unfortunately often the case in the world of consulting, is “it depends”.

Azure’s Security Vulnerabilities Are Out of Control

By Corey Quinn

Azure’s multiple security vulnerabilities are highly concerning, for both customer data and the cloud’s reputation. It’s time we put public pressure on Azure.

Personal Security Posture: How I Keep My Cybersecurity Game Strong

By Corey Quinn

Figuring out a strong personal security posture can be overwhelming. Corey Quinn reviews his personal InfoSec approach for humans with “normal” security risks.

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