Keeping up with AWS announcements is like drinking from a firehose.

Chief Cloud Economist Corey Quinn goes through the torrent of news about Amazon’s cloud ecosystem and strains out the noise. Then he takes what’s left and gently and lovingly makes fun of it.

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Every week, listen to host Corey Quinn interview domain experts in the world of Cloud Computing discuss AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and why businesses are coming to think about the Cloud.

The Feudal Lords of Amazon: AWS’ Infinite Service Launches and Counterproductive Culture

By Corey Quinn

AWS services will only continue to expand, fueled by Amazon’s structure and culture. Its customers lose until AWS figures out how to unite its internal teams.

Kubernetes the Much Harder Way

By Corey Quinn

Getting started with Kubernetes? Try learning it the hard way … seriously. Doing a hands-on tutorial can open new levels of understanding about the platform.

An alterNAT Future: We Now Have a NAT Gateway Replacement

By Corey Quinn

AWS Managed NAT Gateway alternatives have been flimsy at best. In alterNAT, we finally have a viable NAT gateway alternative that saves AWS customers money.

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