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Parler’s New Serverless Architecture

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(Full credit to Alice Goldfuss for the absolutely incredible title.) So, AWS booted Parler off of their service on the grounds that “calling for the assassination of elected officials was well outside the bounds of AWS’s acceptable use policy,” and half of the internet is suddenly an expert on reverse cloud migrations. I’m going to […]

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Security Is Someone Else’s Job Zero

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If you attend an AWS talk about security, bump into an AWS security person in a business meeting, or are in line behind an AWS employee at a Starbucks, you’ll invariably hear the phrase “Security is Job Zero.” What does this actually mean? Cynically, I might suggest that they came up with a list of […]

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Machine Learning is a Marvelously Executed Scam

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Machine Learning is a Marvelously Executed Scam I’ve joked periodically that machine learning (or “ML”) adherents claim to be able to sort through vast quantities of data and find absolutely anything except a viable business model. I’d like to revisit that with a clarification: They also apparently can’t tell a story around what they do […]

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