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17 Final Ways to Run Containers

By Corey Quinn

I originally had a throwaway joke on Twitter that became an article: 17 Ways to Run Containers on AWS. That was all well and good, and because I don’t know when to leave well enough alone, a few months later I wrote 17 More Ways to Run Containers on AWS. And now, since I don’t know when to leave well enough alone and stop beating the greasy smear on the sidewalk where the horse used to be, I want to introduce the third article in this series.

A Hidden Serverless Peril

By Corey Quinn

“Serverless” has become a catch-all term that’s been watered down enthusiastically, particularly by AWS offerings that look an awful lot like “serverfull” products to most of its customers, so let me clarify what I mean here.

9 Things I Love About AWS

By Corey Quinn

People sometimes ask me why I’m so hard on AWS. Honestly, it’s because I love what AWS does and want to see it succeed! There’s quite a lot the business does well, so this week, I’d like to tell you my nine favorite things about AWS. If you work there, please don’t think that your […]