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If you’re staring at your AWS bill wondering what’s going on and why you didn’t just become a platypus keeper, you should know that you’re not alone.

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We’re here to help people like you…

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CFOs Platypus

CFOs & Executives

Gain visibility and insight into your infrastructure spend breakdown
Engineering Managers Platypus

Engineering Managers

Budget more effectively, without having to change your application architecture
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Keep costs down without slowing down the release of new features

…with a better kind of AWS consulting…

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We work for you–not AWS.

We don’t partner with any cost optimization vendors, we don’t help AWS close deals, and we’re not even AWS partners. We don’t receive a dime from anyone for recommending you do something. We work for you, not for a series of dubious “channel partners.”


You can’t gain business insight via API.

AWS Trusted Advisor (and many cloud costing vendors) are fantastic at analyzing savings improvements such as Reserved Instance purchase opportunities, resizing of over-spec’d instances to more cost-efficient sizes, and identifying idle EBS volumes. What they lack, however, is context about your business, and often give you little more than a list of changes to make that don’t reflect the reality of your organization’s infrastructure.

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We don’t drop a report on your desk and walk out the door.

We offer more than an assessment of where you stand today: we give
you a concrete set of next steps and a plan for the future that
shows consideration for your goals and architecture. 

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We don’t want a percentage of your bill.

We only bill one way: fixed fee. If we don’t hit predetermined targets, we’ll give you a full refund. There’s no catch, no hidden partnerships, no recurring revenue model designed to charge you in perpetuity. We’re advisory in nature, and as such we don’t bill by the hour.


…that fits your unique needs

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“The Bill is Too Damn High!”

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The bill is climbing and you don’t entirely know why. Imagine if you had an analysis of what you’re spending money on that went beyond what Amazon’s Trusted Advisor or other SaaS offerings provided. Not just a report that broke down AWS spend based upon team and environment, but a real, proper, in-depth analysis of your bill, with recommendations that spoke to how your business works–with actionable next steps. You’d be able to address what’s in your AWS environment today, rather than guessing and hoping you’re in the same ballpark.
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Enterprise Agreement (re)Negotiation

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When you’re negotiating custom terms with AWS, you have no idea whether you’re getting a good deal or not. What can you ask for? What won’t they budge on? How likely is your AWS bill to grow over the contract term, and by how much? We can help answer these questions.
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